Recreation Part-time Jobs

The City of Hamilton is looking to fill the positions of:

  • Skate arena monitor
  • Snack bar clerk
  • Program and facility monitor
  • Advanced skilled instructor
  • Skilled instructor

Your resume must include:

  • Required job experience as stated in the job description
  • Standard First Aid and CPR-C (WSIB approved provider)

If you need your Standard First Aid with CPR-C qualification, you can sign-up for courses at
Candidates must be a minimum of 15yrs to apply as a Snack Bar Clerk, for all other positions candidates must be 14yrs .

When to apply for the jobs

Apply during the weeks listed below.

May 18 - 25, 2017
Skate arena monitor / Snack bar clerk 

June 1 - 21, 2017
Program and facility monitor / advanced skilled and skilled instructors


Contact us: