Current Opportunities

Student Co-op Placements

Recruitment activities at the City are limited to essential services and critical support at this time. All other hiring is currently deferred.

Co-op education is a structured way of learning that combines in-class learning with periods of actual work. This working experience is called a co-op placement. While on placement, you get to network with employers, gain valuable work experience in your chosen field, and earn academic credits that count toward your degree or diploma.

How to apply for co-op placements at the City

College and university co-op placements are arranged between the school and individual City of Hamilton departments on an as needed basis.

Contact your school’s co-op placement office or website for information about co-op eligibility criteria and how to apply.

High school co-op placements are handled in association with the various local school boards.

Contact your contact your co-op teacher through the Student Services department at your secondary school for information about co-op eligibility criteria and how to apply.

Student co-op pay rates

Co-op placements are usually paid positions for college or university students. This paid work experience can be a great opportunity to learn how to manage your money, not to mention pay for your school-related costs.

High school co-op students are paid a daily rate or equivalent to cover transit costs and lunch only.