Student & Youth Opportunities

Returning Students

If you held a summer student position last year and were given rehire status on your end-of-season performance evaluation, you can apply again this year. The City will verify your rehire status and performance evaluation to confirm you are eligible to reapply.

If you left your employment early and did not complete your full summer term last year, you are not eligible to re-apply as a returning summer student.

If you did not hold a summer student position with the City of Hamilton last year, check new student hires information.

Note: Summer Co-op and Internship placements are not considered part of the summer program, therefore if you held one of these placements, you will not be considered as a “returning” summer student.  You must apply as a new student.

After you have submitted your resume with completed questionnaire and the application closing date, you will be contacted by the Hiring Manager for employment details, information and required documentation.

Do not respond to the email address that sends your conditional offer letter, as this mailbox is set up for outgoing mail only and is not monitored.

Some student positions require you to drive City-owned or leased vehicles. You must not have any demerit points on your full Ontario class G driver’s licence. Students holding an Ontario class G1 or G2 driver’s licence will not be allowed to drive City-owned or leased vehicles. Indicate the class of your driver's licence on your resume. You will need a driver's licence check even if you drove a City vehicle last year.

All offers are conditional offers and will only be confirmed when the conditional offer letter is signed and returned, along with all of the required documentation to the person identified.

Failure to return a signed conditional offer letter and all of the required documentation to the City by the date indicated in the email shows that you are not accepting the position.

Can I transfer to a different summer student position?

No. Transfer requests are not accepted for summer student positions. Be sure to apply to the new category that you are interested in.  You are allowed to apply to more than one category if you are interested in switching positions.