Volunteer Opportunities

Wentworth Lodge Volunteers

Wentworth Lodge is a 160 bed long-term care facility for citizens who are unable to live on their own. We provide 24 hour nursing supervision with input from an interdisciplinary team which includes medical, nursing, social work, recreation, therapy, volunteers, pastoral care and nutrition. 

We have a special Resident Home Area (RHA) at Wentworth Lodge for cognitively impaired residents who have a tendency to wander. Programs in this area include therapeutic activities on and off the RHA and a secure courtyard garden for walks and other outdoor activities.

Volunteering at Wentworth Lodge provides you an opportunity to enhance your quality of life, while also enhancing the quality of life for our Lodge residents.

Benefits of volunteering at Wentworth Lodge include:

  • Engaging in the most fundamental act of citizenship and giving in our society
  • Offering your time, energy and skills of your own free will
  • Participating in community building
  • Being a good neighbour

Volunteers can help with:

  • Recreation programs
  • Friendly Visiting
  • Special events and inhouse service, hairdressing/barber and physio
  • Tuck Shop sales of snacks both food and drinks, toiletries and seasonal items 

We are flexible and will work with you to determine a volunteer schedule. You can volunteer on a regular weekly basis or on an on-call basis.

For further information on the volunteer program and opportunities contact:
Wentworth Lodge volunteer coordinator
905-546-2489 ext. 1915

Co-op student placements at Wentworth Lodge are available in the following areas:

  • Nursing
  • Food Services
  • Recreation
  • Social Work
  • Housekeeping

For further information, please contact Wentworth Lodge at 905-546-2618.