City of Hamilton Burials

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How do I purchase a final resting place in Hamilton?

If you wish to purchase your final resting place in a City of Hamilton Municipal Cemetery, you will need to call the Cemeteries Business Office and schedule an appointment to select a cemetery of your choice and location from the areas available.

Are there any restrictions on the Monument or Marker that I choose?

Yes. The Hamilton Cemeteries By-law 12-151 identifies the restrictions on the size and type of monument or marker that can be installed. These may vary depending on the location and cemetery.

I’m looking for a relative that might be buried in a City of Hamilton Municipal Cemetery. Can The City help me locate them?

Yes, we do take family history requests. We require the following minimum information to begin the request:

  • Name of the deceased
  • Cemetery
  • Approximate date of death

Note: Not all records have been converted to an electronic format, so reply times may be considerate.