Book/ Parkin Cemetery

Address: 281 Book Road East, Ancaster, Ontario
Ward: 14

Other Known Names Book Cemetery
Location Lot 45, Concession 4, Ancaster
Date Built 1815
Size Samll, 50 Monuments
Space Availability No available burial plots for purchase. Burials allowed by existing lot owners.


With recent alterations to roads in the area, the Book Cemetery is now completely hidden from the road and approached only be a steep dirt road overlooking the new Highway 6 By-Pass. John Book squatted on Lot 45, Concession 4, Ancaster Township from 1789 to 1793, before purchasing the property and later registering the Crown Patent. Using the property as a family farm, he established a small cemetery on it in 1815, when the first burial occurred for his son, 20 year old Henry Book. The Cemetery was used exclusively by the family and related members for several generations, though it is now closed and is currently maintained by the City of Hamilton.