Eastlawn Cemetery

Location 2280 Barton Street East
Community Hamilton
Date Built 1930
Size Large, 3900 monuments
Space Availability Burial and cremation options are available for purchase. Please contact our Administrative Office at 905-546-4704.


In the early 1900s, facing a shortage of municipal properties, the City of Hamilton, began purchasing land for future municipal services. One such parcel of 50.2 acres known as the Mahoney property in what was then Saltfleet Township was purchased for $58, 500 in 1928. There were proposals to turn the land into an industrial complex or a jail, but local residents and clergy, unhappy that municipal cemeteries up to this date were all located on the opposite side of the city, urged the creation of a new municipal cemetery in the 'East End' which became Eastlawn. //// Cemetery design evolved over the years, with trees purchased and a road system planned in 1929. When the first internments took place in the early 1930s there were additional plans for a municipal crematorium and man-made lakes on the site. These were deemed too expensive for the city to undertake during the Depression Years. The cemetery remains in active use and is still operated by the City.