Host an Event on City Property

The City of Hamilton’s Events Office produces, facilitates, reviews and regulates hundreds of events across Hamilton on an annual basis. The City has developed guidelines for hosting events outside on city property to ensure the health and safety of participants and residents.

The review of these outdoor events is done through the Special Events Advisory Team (S.E.A.T.), a team comprised of city staff representing various municipal divisions who ensure that all of the necessary permits, permissions and insurance are in place.

S.E.A.T. Application

You must submit an online S.E.A.T. application if you wish to hold your event on any portion of outdoor property owned by the City of Hamilton.

This includes:

  • Roads/road allowances (street festivals, parades and races)
  • Parks and parkettes
  • Parking lots
  • Alleyways, both assumed and unassumed
  • Walkways, pathways and trails
  • Water lots
  • Open spaces
  • City Hall forecourt

And if the event includes any of the following:

  • Food being given or sold to the general public at an event open to the public
  • Alcohol
  • Fireworks
  • Sound amplification
  • The use of electricity - you are plugging into an outlet for power and/or using a generator
  • Tents larger than 60 m2 (e.g. 20 ft x 40 ft)
  • Stages that are more than 225 m2 (building permit will be required)
  • Amusement rides and/or inflatables, such as bouncy castles or bouncers
  • Projected attendance of over 1,000 people


The S.E.A.T. Chair requests you to do so because your event significantly affects City services. This includes events that are held on private property. Affected services can include Police, Hamilton Street Railway, Road Operations, Corridor Management and / or Waste Management.

Submit the S.E.A.T. Application

Read the 2018 S.E.A.T Guidelines before you submit a S.E.A.T application

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Complete the online S.E.A.T. application
Submission deadlines
60 days for events in parks
120 days for events on a roadway

  • S.E.A.T will determine whether an event that takes place on the road, requires a full lane closure.
  • Instructions on how to complete the application can be found in the 2018 S.E.A.T. Guidelines (PDF, 285 KB)

Need help planning your event

Be sure to visit the following pages where you’ll find information to help you organize a successful event, while ensuring the health and safety of participants and residents.

Contact us

Special Events Advisory Team (S.E.A.T.)
Events Office, Tourism and Culture Division
Phone: 905-546-4646 Fax: 905-540-5511