Staging of Development Report

The Staging of Development Report is an important tool to guide growth in an orderly manner by balancing the infrastructure needs with the costs of extending new servicing, co-ordinate growth infrastructure with development approvals and guides the pace of growth across the City.

The objectives of the Staging of Development Report are to:

  • Outline municipal intentions with respect to the review, processing, and servicing of Plans of Subdivision and/or Condominium.
  • Provide a tool to assist with the integration of financial plans and growth related capital costs associated with land use planning and timing for the development of growth areas.
  • Coordinate the cost effective and efficient expansion of servicing infrastructure.
  • Provide for the logical extension of development within the community.
  • Ensure a minimum three (3) year supply and mix of housing units in draft approved and registered plans in accordance with Provincial Policies regarding housing targets.
  • Provide a tool to assist municipal departments, external agencies such as the Conservation Authorities, School Boards, Utility Companies involved in development approvals in establishing their own work plans.
  • Define an orderly progression for development charge funded works by considering the efficiency of infrastructure investments, the timeliness and location of development, the pace and desires of developers to progress with the development, and the Provincial Policy statement growth targets.

The Staging of Development Program serves as a guide for setting the capital program for growth infrastructure; however, it is approval of the annual Capital Budget that ultimately authorizes the timing and funding for project implementation.

Staging of Development Report (2017)

The Staging of Development Report provides anticipated growth forecast over the next year (2017). It will outline the City’s intention towards the processing of Draft Plans of Subdivision and the registration of Draft Approved Plans in 2017.

The plan will result in greater efficiencies by providing direction on where to focus development review efforts and where to focus on long range planning and capital projects. The document also gives developers certainty on the timing of their developments.

Overview of the Staging of Development Plan for 2017

  • 14 Plans of Subdivision Applications as submitted by the applicant are identified for potential Draft Approval in 2017
  • 21 Existing Draft Approved Plans of Subdivision can proceed with servicing in 2017

As an enhancement to previous Staging of Development Reports, this report will also now include:

  • details on intensification within the Built Boundary as established under Appendix “G” - Boundaries Map (Built Boundary and Central Area Boundary) of the Urban Hamilton Official Plan, providing for a more complete picture of growth within the City of Hamilton
  • an overview of 2014, 2015 and 2016 residential development activity in the City

Report & Appendices

The Staging of Development Report identifies active residential Plans of Subdivision that the City intends to give priority to processing of Draft Approval and registration in the current year (2014), the following year (2015) and 2016 and beyond.

Overview of the Staging of Development Plan for 2014

  • 14 plans have been identified for priority processing for Draft Plan Approval creating a potential for a maximum of 1,864 new residential units.
  • 37 draft approved plans or parts thereof could potentially receive approval to proceed with servicing and plan registration, adding a supply of approximately 5,000 units to the available lot inventory. The actual timing and physical development is dependent upon a number of factors including the developer’s desire to commit to proceed with servicing, economic climate, and the market.

Report & appendices