Staging of Development Report

The City of Hamilton adopted the Staging of Development Program as a growth management tool to help guide the rate and timing of subdivision development for lands within the urban boundary of the city.

The purpose of the Staging of Development Program is to:

  • ensure that development proceeds in a timely manner in tandem with the delivery of infrastructure and services
  • allow the City to more effectively invest in infrastructure and deliver complete communities
  • assist the development industry in its investment decisions

Staging of Development Report (2014-2016)

The Staging of Development Report  (PDF, 257 KB) identifies active residential Plans of Subdivision that the City intends to give priority to processing of Draft Approval and registration in the current year (2014), the following year (2015) and 2016 and beyond.

Overview of the Staging of Development Plan for 2014

  • 14 plans have been identified for priority processing for Draft Plan Approval creating a potential for a maximum of 1,864 new residential units.
  • 37 draft approved plans or parts thereof could potentially receive approval to proceed with servicing and plan registration, adding a supply of approximately 5,000 units to the available lot inventory. The actual timing and physical development is dependent upon a number of factors including the developer’s desire to commit to proceed with servicing, economic climate, and the market.