Community Profile

Service at a Glance

What does Hamilton have to offer to newcomers?

Hamilton offers the following to its citizens:

  • Affordable housing
  • Public transit with new services planned
  • Cultural, artistic, performing arts and museum attractions
  • A wide offering of professional and amateur sporting events and participation opportunities
How much can I expect to pay in residential taxes compared to other cities?

Hamilton's average residential tax increases remain one of the lowest in Ontario. The City of Hamilton over the past four years has had the lowest tax increase in the Golden Horseshoe and the third lowest in the province of Ontario.

What are Community Wellness Indicators?

They provide a snapshot of current community conditions and trends based on select quantitative data from a variety of sources. The City uses this information to: 

  • Improve community awareness and education 
  • Determine better resource and asset utilization 
  • Identify whether initiatives and collective actions are improving the community 
Census Data for Hamilton