Hamilton Community Wellness Indicators

The Hamilton Community Wellness Indicators are being integrated with the City of Hamilton’s Citizen Dashboard. 

Beginning with the 2018 data, the Wellness Indicators will no longer be updated as they have been integrated into the Citizen Dashboards. To review the dashboards visit www.hamilton.ca/citizen-dashboard.

For questions about the Hamilton Community Wellness Indicators, email [email protected].

The Community Wellness Indicators provide a snapshot of current community conditions and trends based on select quantitative data from a variety of sources. Monitoring and analysis of trends shows strengths and weaknesses of community life. 

The Community Wellness Indicators are a tool for identifying needs and focusing priorities and resources. They show the current and historic trends for specific measurements through graphical representations.

The City uses this information to: 

  • Improve community awareness and education 
  • Determine better resource and asset utilization 
  • Identify whether initiatives and collective actions are improving the community 
  • Identify community priorities and provide a basis for setting goals and targets for action 
  • Improve organizational and program planning and development 
  • Support and validate community concerns and priorities

The statements indicating trends, in most cases, reflect trends beginning two years back from the most current information in the reports.