Hamilton Community Wellness Indicators - Other

Taxes - Penalty and Interest

The total dollar amount invoiced in penalty and interest charges for the month for taxpayers in tax arrears with the City.

In summary: Monthly penalty and interest tax charges for September 2017 decreased by 8.2% versus August 2017 and decreased by 17.4% versus September 2016.

Source: City of Hamilton
Note: Council approved an interest rate increase from 12% to 15% effective July 1, 2013.


News Headlines

A brief list of media headlines to include “good and bad news” for the City of Hamilton, compiled by the City of Hamilton Economic Development Department.

Water, sewer and stormwater revenue

Dollar amount invoiced by the City for water, wastewater and stormwater services provided.

In summary: Water/Wastewater/Stormwater revenue for September 2017 ($16.8 million) decreased by 5.3% over August 2017 and decreased by 26.3% over September 2016.

Source: City of Hamilton (Billings Statistics)


Transit revenue

Dollar amount received by City Transit (Hamilton Street Railway) for cash, ticket and pass fares.

In summary: Transit revenue for September 2017 ($3.8 million) increased by 30.3% versus August 2017 and increased by 2.7% versus September 2016.  

Source: City of Hamilton