Economic Development

Transportation Gateway

In the global economy, the movement of goods in an efficient and cost-effective manner is critically important to local companies and Hamilton is at the centre of it all.

Do more and spend less located in Hamilton

Hamilton has long been cited as a key gateway for goods movement through southern Ontario. It is uniquely positioned as a transportation hub for the goods movement industry. The city is home to:

  • The Port of Hamilton links Canada’s industrial heartland to the St. Lawrence Seaway while providing business with direct connections to major highways and rail networks both in Ontario and the United States. It is one of the busiest of all the Canadian Great Lakes ports.
  • John C. Munro International Airport, Canada’s top multi-modal cargo and courier airport and Ontario’s only 24-hour inter-modal cargo hub.
  • CP and CN Rail, Canada’s two national railways provide complete rail freight services across North America for Hamilton’s industries.
  • Easy access to major 400 series highways and multiple international border crossings. This complete highway and ring road system move goods throughout the city quickly and easily.

The Port of Hamilton

The marine domain has increased leaps and bounds in the past few decades, necessitating port and harbour facilities to accommodate these ever-increasing requirements especially here on the Canadian Great Lakes system.  This is precisely why every type of business is focusing on ensuring that their port requirements are leading edge – which is the real success of the Port of Hamilton which provides the needs of any industry operators and shippers.

Yes, the Port of Hamilton has warranted that its port infrastructure is the biggest and best all across the Great Lakes and that’s why so many industries find Hamilton their number one choice for all their shipping needs.