Hospitals & Healthcare Providers

Hamilton is a regional centre for health care and professional training. Hamilton’s hospitals offer advanced treatments and employ some of the most talented medical professionals in Canada. Hamilton is fortunate to have many great health care services and facilities.

The following hospitals are located in our city:

Clinics & Services

When you need medical care that is not urgent or would like to have a check-up, you should go to a family doctor. You need to be registered as a patient to get medical care from a family doctor, who is also referred to a general practitioner or family physician.

Family doctors have a limit on the number of patients they will allow to register. This sometimes makes finding a doctor difficult.

Here are three ways to find a family doctor:

If you do not have OHIP, you might be able to get health care services at a Community Health Centres, also called CHCs. These are non-profit organizations that provide primary health care for individuals, families and communities. CHCs have health professionals such as doctors nurses, and nurse practitioners on staff.

Hamilton Urban Core Community Health Centre
71 Rebecca Street
Hamilton, Ontario L8R 1B6

Phone: 905-522-3233
Fax: 905-522-5374

North Hamilton Community Health Centre
554 John Street North
Hamilton, Ontario L8L 4S1

Phone: 905-523-6611
Fax: 905-523-5173

Refuge: Hamilton Centre for Newcomer Health
183 Hughson Street South
Hamilton, Ontario L8N 2B6

Phone: 905-526-0000

Centre de Santé Communautaire
For individuals wishing to receive services in French
1320 Barton Street East
Hamilton, Ontario L8H 2W1

Phone: 905-528-0163
Toll free: 1-866-437-7606     

Walk-in clinics provide health care services if you are sick and do not have a family doctor or unable to meet with your family doctor. You do not usually need an appointment. It is best to call before visiting to check the clinic’s hours as they sometimes change. Some clinics are open in the evenings, and on weekends and holidays.