Language Classes

English and French are the two official languages in Canada. English is widely spoken in most Canadian provinces including Ontario. Good language skills are essential for studying, working, accessing services and participating in social, cultural, civic life in Canada.

Before starting a language class, it is important to have your current language skills assessed. The Coordinated Language Assessment & Referral System Centre, also known as CLARS, provides free language assessment and referral services to newcomers.

To book an appointment call or visit the CLARS Language Assessment Centre at:

YMCA Employment, Training and Settlement Services
25 Main Street West
Hamilton, Ontario L8P 2X8
Phone: 905-526-8452

YMCA Employment, Training & Settlement Services
211 Centennial Parkway North
Hamilton, Ontario L8E 1H8
Phone: 905-662-9400

Language classes in Hamilton

Newcomers in Hamilton can access free Government funded English as a Second Language, or ESL, classes and Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada, or LINC.
You can take language classes at the following places:

8 Main Street East, Suite 101
Hamilton, Ontario L8N 1E8
Phone: 905-529-5209

182 Rebecca Street
Hamilton, Ontario L8R 1C1
Phone: 905-525-9676

1119 Fennell Ave East, Suite 236
Hamilton, Ontario L8T 1S2
Phone: 905-387-1100

2255 Barton Street East
Hamilton, Ontario L8H 7T4
Phone: 905-573-7663
You can take language classes at the following places:

45 Young Street
Hamilton, Ontario  L8N 1V1

150 East 5th Street
Hamilton, Ontario L9A 2Z8

770 Main Street East
Hamilton, Ontario L8M 1L1

60 Barlake Avenue
Stoney Creek, Ontario L8E 1G7  

Phone: 905-577-0555
You can take language classes at the following places:

Parkway Learning Centre
140 Centennial Parkway North
Hamilton, Ontario  L8E 1H9
Phone: 905-573-0941

Mountain Learning Centre
103-565 Sanatorium Road
Hamilton, Ontario  L9C 7N4
Phone: 905-383-6732

Red Hill Learning Centre
300 Albright Road
Hamilton, Ontario  L8K 5J4
Phone: 905-561-2190

City Learning Centre
3rd Level - 77 James Street North
Hamilton, Ontario L8R 2K3
Phone: 905-525-8833

Hamilton Public Library
55 York Blvd 4th Floor
Hamilton Ontario L8R 3K1
Phone: 905-546-3200

135 Fennell Avenue West
Hamilton, Ontario L9C 1E9
Phone: 905-575-2421

ESL classes are offered to elementary and secondary schools students to help them transition into the new learning environment.
Phone:  905-525-2930

120 King West Street, Plaza
Hamilton, Ontario  L8P 4V2
Phone: 905-544-9824 

Victoria Park
155 Queen St. N.
Hamilton, Ontario L8R 2V6
Phone: 905-529-1840