Studying in Hamilton

Connecting to your City

Public transportation
Hamilton’s public bus network is called the Hamilton Street Railway or HSR. If you are a postsecondary student, a monthly pass is typically included in your tuition. 

Find out more about HSR routes & schedules

Other modes of transportation include:

  • Taxi Services - Blue Line and Hamilton Cab
  • UBER
  • Social Bicycles - Shared bicycle network with hubs all around the city. We call it SoBi for short! 
  • Light Rail Transit (LRT) - The LRT Route will originate at McMaster and travel along King Street before ending at Eastgate Mall and Centennial Parkway. Construction will begin in 2019.

35 - COLLEGE HSR Bus at Mohawk Terminal


Many Canadians volunteer for causes that are important to them. There are plenty of opportunities to volunteer in Hamilton, a city rich in organizations and resources.

Connect with your local academic institution through the Student Success Centre or the International Student Centre to learn more. 

View a list of community organizations

College students volunteering at clothing drive