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Ballot on Demand

Ballot on Demand Pilot is Being Launched for the 2022 Municipal Election

What is Ballot on Demand?
A Ballot on Demand system consists of an epoll book and a printer, that enables a ballot from any of the City’s Wards to be printed for an elector on site once eligibility and identity is verified.This technology will allow electors to attend a designated Ballot on Demand Poll and receive their Ballot, regardless of where they live in the City.

Where is the Ballot on Demand System being Piloted in Hamilton?
The City is piloting the Ballot on Demand systems for Students at Post-Secondary institutions, McMaster University, Redeemer College and Mohawk College. Additional Ballot on Demand Pilot locations are being finalized, and information will be released as soon as it becomes available.

What is the benefit of a Ballot on Demand?
A ballot on demand process provides greater convenience for electors as they are able to vote at a site that is convenient to them, regardless of whether it is in their ward.

Why is the Ballot on Demand not being provided for all poll locations?
For the 2022 Municipal Election, the City is piloting the Ballot on Demand system in a selected number of sites. A smaller pilot will allow staff to assess the technology and identify benefits and challenges that might exist in a larger implementation. Following the election, a fulsome review will be conducted to determine the viability of implementing the technology on a larger scale for the 2026 Municipal Election.