Election Information

Ballot on Demand

Ballot on Demand Pilot is Being Launched for the 2022 Municipal Election

A Ballot on Demand system consists of an epoll book and a printer, that enables a ballot from any of the City’s Wards to be printed for an elector on site once eligibility and identity is verified.This technology will allow electors to attend a designated Ballot on Demand Poll and receive their Ballot, regardless of where they live in the City.

Ballot on Demand Poll Locations

At Post-Secondary Institutions

  • The Elections Team has been engaging with Post-Secondary Institutions in our community to provide an opportunity for students to receive and cast a ballot on campus for the ward where they reside
  • Ballot on Demand Polls will be available for students on October 18, 2022 at McMaster University, Mohawk College, and Redeemer University

At Drop in Shelter Locations

  • The City has been engaging with local organizations to understand barriers to voting for individuals experiencing homelessness and those living in shelters.
  • To provide opportunity for voting, Polls will be set up on October 21, 2022 at Men’s and Women’s drop-in shelter locations for voters in these locations to cast a ballot.
  • The Elections team is working with local organizations to finalize Poll Locations for these sites.

At the Hamilton Regional Indian Centre

  • The Elections Team is engaging with the Indigenous Community to listen and learn about past experiences and historical oppressions and barriers related to the electoral process.
  • We are pleased to have been invited to hold a municipal election poll at the Hamilton Regional Indian Centre on October 21, 2022.
  • This Poll Location presents an opportunity for Indigenous votors who wish to cast a ballot to do so in a welcoming setting.

Frequently Asked Questions

The City is piloting the Ballot on Demand systems for Students at Post-Secondary institutions, McMaster University, Redeemer University and Mohawk College. Additional Ballot on Demand Pilot locations are being finalized, and information will be released as soon as it becomes available.

A ballot on demand process provides greater convenience for electors as they are able to vote at a site that is convenient to them, regardless of whether it is in their ward.

For the 2022 Municipal Election, the City is piloting the Ballot on Demand system in a selected number of sites. A smaller pilot will allow staff to assess the technology and identify benefits and challenges that might exist in a larger implementation. Following the election, a fulsome review will be conducted to determine the viability of implementing the technology on a larger scale for the 2026 Municipal Election.