Election Information

Nominated Candidates for Mayor and Ward Councillor and Registered Third Party

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Nominees for Mayor

Candidate's Name Date Nominated Contact Address
Edward HC Graydon May 7 Phone 905-407-8838
Phone 905-581-0626
Email graydoninvestments@gmail.com
Fred Eisenberger May 14 Phone 905-318-7333
Email connect@fred2018.ca
Website Fred2018.ca
Phil Ryerson May 25 Phone 905-528-1738
Email speakerphilryerson@gmail.com
Nathalie Xian Yi Yan May 31 Phone 905-527-7255
Email nathaliehealthc@hotmail.com
Todd May June 1 Phone 289-244-1170
Email kabutopss@yahoo.com
Web toddmay3.wixsite.com/toddmay2018
737 Barton Street East, Hamilton, Ontario, L8L 3A9
Carlos Gomes June 11    
Ricky Tavares July 3 Phone 905-515-4307
Email ricky905@live.com
665 Main Street East, Hamilton, Ontario, L8M 1K1
Vito Sgro July 4 Email vitosgro0@gmail.com  
Ute Schmid-Jones July 9 Phone 705-527-1612
Email utesj@sympatico.ca
Facebook Ute Schmid-Jones
Twitter @UteSchmid
Instagram @uteschmidjones
LinkedIn Ute Schmid-Jones
514 - 200 Bay Street South, Hamilton, Ontario, L8P 4S4
Paul Fromm July 20 Phone 416-428-5308
Email paul@paulfromm.com
Jim Davis July 24 Email jag__64@msn.com
Facebook jimdavisformayor
Henry Geissler July 25 Email northsouthlrt@gmail.com
Web northsouthlrt.ca
Michael Pattison July 27 Phone 905-537-5068
Email mpformayor@gmail.com
Web www.michaelapattison.com
Twitter @mpformayor
Facebook michaelandrewpattison
George Rusich July 27 Phone 905-929-1919
Email georgerusich4mayor@gmail.com
9 Padua Crescent
Hamilton, Ontario
Mark Wozny July 27 Phone 905-664-1333
Email mwozny@bell.net

Nominees for Ward 1 Councillor

Candidate's Name Date Nominated Contact Address
Sophie Geffros May 1 Phone 289-684-6782
Email Sophiegeffros2018@gmail.com
Web www.sophiegeffros.ca
Twitter @sgeffros
1217 Main Street West 
Hamilton, Ontario
L8S 1C3
Linda Narducci July 23 Phone 289-237-2515
Email lnarducciward1@gmail.com
93 Canada Street
Hamilton, Ontario
L8P 1P2
Syed Bakht July 24

Phone 905-962-7933
Phone 289-244-6319
Web syedmbakht@gmail.com

508 - 151 Queen Street North
Hamilton, Ontario
L8R 2V7
Ela Eroglu July 25 Phone 905-979-9708
Email ela@elaeroglu.ca
Website www.elaeroglu.ca
Richard Massie July 25 Email r.massie@rogers.com
Web www.electmassie.ca
Jason Allen July 26 Phone 905-920-4954
Email jason@jasonaallen.ca
Website www.jasonAallen.ca
Twitter @janoallen
68 Melbourne Street
Hamilton, Ontario
L8P 2A6
Sharon Cole July 26 Phone 905-977-7170
Email scoleward1@gmail.com
Website SharonCole.ca
Twitter @SharonColeWard1
Facebook SharonColeWard1
119-B Locke Street South
Hamilton, Ontario
Maureen Wilson July 26

Phone 289-659-2214
Email ward1wilson@gmail.com
Web www.maureenwilson.ca
Twitter @mohwilson
Facebook ward1wilson

948 King Street West
Hamilton, Ontario
L8S 1K8
Harrison White July 26 Phone 905-517-5292
Email harrisonjnw@gmail.com
153 Breadalbane Street
Hamilton, Ontario
L8R 3G7
Lyla Miklos July 26 Email lyla4ward1@gmail.com
Website lyla4ward1.weebly.com
Twitter @lylamiklos
Facebook Lyla4Ward1
Instagram @thereal_lylamiklos
Sharon Anderson July 26 Email sanderson.ward1@gmail.com  
Jordan Geertsma July 27 Phone 905-741-5390
Email jordangeertsma@yahoo.ca
35 Scotia Avenue
Hamilton, Ontario
L8K 4X4
Carol E. Lazich July 27 Email lazich4ward1@gmail.com  

Nominees for Ward 2 Councillor

Candidate's Name Date Nominated Contact Address
Nicole Smith May 1 Phone 289-237-3811
Email Ward2ForAll@gmail.com
Web www.Ward2ForAll.com
6 Foster Street Hamilton, Ontario
L8N 1Z6
Cameron Kroetsch May 1

Phone 289-768-2871
Email Cameron@CameronForWard2.ca
Web CameronForWard2.ca
Twitter @CameronKroetsch
Facebook www.facebook.com/CameronForWard2
Instagram www.instagram.com/CameronKroetsch

Suresh Venodh Daljeet June 12 Phone 289-260-4404
Email svdaljeet@gmail.com
435 Orton Place
Ancaster, Ontario
L9G 4M6
Mark Tennant July 17 Phone 905-512-1794
Email tennantm7@gmail.com
Web www.marktennant.org
Jason Farr July 19 Phone 289-246-9675
Email ward2@jasonfarr.ca
James Unsworth July 27 Phone 905-745-6663
Email jamesunsworth24@gmail.com
23 Wheeler Lane
Hamilton, Ontario
L8P 4T5
John Vail July 27 Phone 905-572-7111
Phone 905-301-9000
Email john@johnvail.com
17 Inglewood Drive
Hamilton, Ontario
L8P 2T2
Diane Chiarelli July 27 Phone 289-700-9576
Email dchiarelli@hotmail.com
Web www.dianechiarelli.com
Facebook DianeForWard2
Instagram @supervelma

Nominees for Ward 3 Councillor

Candidate's Name Date Nominated Contact Address
Kristeen Sprague June 15 Phone 905-906-4752
Email kristeen4ward3@gmail.com
7 Francis St. Hamilton, Ontario
L8L 3T9
Keith Beck July 6 Phone 905-966-1465
Phone 905-923-1465
Email keith.beck@live.ca
Tony Lemma July 9 Phone 289-788-1563
Email tonylemmaward3@gmail.com
Web www.tonylemma.ca
101 Kensington, Ave S. Hamilton, Ontario, L8M 3H1
Laura Farr July 12

Phone 289-439-4755
Email info@laurafarr.ca
Web www.laurafarr.ca

Milena Balta July 17 Phone 905-575-4858
Email balta4ward3@gmail.com
Dan Smith July 20 Phone 289-237-4074
Email dsmith2869@aol.com
19 Eastbourne Ave. Hamilton, Ontario L8M 2M6
Nrinder Nann July 24 Phone 905-963-1296
Email engage@nrinder.ca
Alain Bureau July 24 Fax 647-977-9085
Email info@abureau.ca
Web www.abureau.ca
34 Proctor Blvd.
Hamilton, Ontario
L8M 2M3
Brendan Kavanaugh July 25 Phone 289-489-3072
Email brendankavanaugh@yahoo.ca
27 Emerald Street North Hamilton, Ontario L8P 5J9
Amanda Salonen July 25 Email asalonen205@gmail.com
Web AmandaForWard3.ca
205 Maplewood Avenue Hamilton, Ontario L8M 1X9
Steven Paul Denault July 26 Phone 905-317-8170
Email stevedenault1@gmail.com
Stephen Rowe July 27 Phone 905-912-1615
Email SRowe4Ward3@gmail.com
429 Wentworth Street North Hamilton, Ontario
L8L 5W6
Ned Kuruc July 27 Phone 905-537-4333
Email ned@nedkuruc.com
Website www.nedkuruc.com

Nominees for Ward 4 Councillor

Candidate's Name Date Nominated Contact Address
Sam Merulla May 3 Phone 289-812-4322
Email sam.merulla@cogeco.ca

1291 Main Street, East,
Hamilton, Ontario

Rod Douglas June 26 Email rdouglas12@cogeco.ca  

Nominees for Ward 5 Councillor

Candidate's Name Date Nominated Contact Address
Stewart Klazinga July 3 Phone 289-683-1477
Email sklazinga@gmail.com
Web www.sklazinga.ca
Twitter @sklazinga
1118 – 25 Tindale Ct. Hamilton, Ontario L8K 6C8
Juanita Maldonado July 20 Phone 289-698-3675
Email newwardfive@gmail.com
39 Jerome Cr. Hamilton, Ontario L8E 1K7
Chad Collins July 24 Phone 905-807-4010 
Email chadcollins@rogers.com

149 Hanover Place Hamilton, Ontario L8K 6B4

Nominees for Ward 6 Councillor

Candidate's Name Date Nominated Contact Address
Brad Young June 8 Phone 289-683-1545
Email bobicker69@hotmail.com
Web www.brad4ward6.weebly.com
Tom Jackson June 21 Phone 905-544-8547
Email tomjacksonward6@gmail.com
Web www.tomjacksonward6.com
Facebook TomJacksonWard6
65 East 44th Street Hamilton, Ontario
L8T 3G8
Timothy Taylor July 27 Phone 289-260-7530
Email timothy.taylor@thecrux.ca
734 Upper Ottawa Street Hamilton, Ontario L8T 3T9

Nominees for Ward 7 Councillor

Candidate's Name Date Nominated Contact Address
Dan MacIntyre May 1

Phone 905-929-6199
Email info@danmacintyre.com
Web www.danmacintyre.com

Jim McColl May 2 Phone 905-923-1401
Email jim.mccoll.ward7@gmail.com
Web Mccollforward7.com
257 East 35th Street, Hamilton, Ontario L8V 3Y5
Joseph Kazubek May 9 Phone 905-962-1169
Email Josephfor7@yahoo.com
254 Upper Paradise Road Hamilton, Ontario, L9C 5C2
Karen Grice-Uggenti July 3 Phone 905-870-2872
Email voteuggenti@gmail.com
Adam Dirani July 11

Phone 905-518-6300
Email adamdirani@hotmail.ca

224 Crockett Street Hamilton, Ontario L8V 1H2

Steve Clarke July 11

Phone 289-339-8854
Email clarkeward7@gmail.com
Web steveclarkeward7.com

2 Corinna Court Hamilton, Ontario L9B 2S6

Kristopher Clowater July 23 Phone 289-925-8931
Email kristopher.clowater@gmail.com

166 Parkwood Crescent Hamilton, Ontario L8V 4Z4

Geraldine McMullen July 25 Phone 905-818-0499
Email votemcmullen@gmail.com
Esther Pauls July 27 Email esther_pauls@live.com 185 Templemead Drive, Hamilton, L8W 2W1
Steve Benson July 27 Phone 905-554-8254
Email campaign@stevebenson.ca
Roland Schneider July 27 Phone 289-698-9416
Email rolly1969@hotmail.com
337 East 38th Street
Hamilton, Ontario
L8V 4G4

Nominees for Ward 8 Councillor

Candidate's Name Date Nominated Contact Address
Christopher Climie May 8 Phone 289-639-2552
Email christopherclimie@gmail.com
John-Paul Danko May 11 Phone 905-818-5711
Email votedanko@gmail.com
Web www.jpdanko.com
11 Buchanan Street, Hamilton, Ontario L9A 2V7
Anthony Simpson May 18 Email simpson4ward8@gmail.com  
Colleen Wicken June 28 Phone 365-888-0528
Email wicken4ward8@yahoo.com
Web www.wicken4ward8.com
43 West 3rd Street, Hamilton, Ontario
L9C 3K1
Steve Ruddick July 11 Email ruddickward8@gmail.com  
Eve Adams July 27 Phone 905-297-4737
Email eve@eveadams.ca
Web www.eveadams.ca

Nominees for Ward 9 Councillor

Candidate's Name Date Nominated Contact Address
Doug Conley May 16    
Peter Lanza May 23 Email Planza29@gmail.com 39 Gerald Cres. Hamilton, Ontario, L8J 2J8
David Ford July 5 Phone 905-741-8049
Email r.dlford@gmail.com
Brad Clark July 26 Phone 289-684-4363
Email bradclark@bell.net
Web bradclarkforward9.ca
17 Audubon Street South
Stoney Creek, Ontario
L8J 1J6
Lakhwinder Singh Multani July 27 Phone 289-659-9814
Email multoni@hotmail.com

Nominees for Ward 10 Councillor

Candidate's Name Date Nominated Contact Address
Jeff Beattie May 1 Phone 905-929-0444
Email jeff@jeffbeattie.ca
Web www.jeffbeattie.ca
Twitter @jeffbeattie2014
1381 Highway 8 Hamilton, Ontario
L8E 5K6
Ian Thompson May 1 Phone 905-581-6066
Email ianthompson4newward10@gmail.com
Web www.ianthompson4newward10.ca
Maria Pearson May 4 Phone 905-662-5215
Email mariapearson@sympatico.ca
207 Margaret Avenue Stoney Creek, Ontario, L8E 2H9
Louie Milojevic July 27 Phone 905-484-2175
Email louiem1905@gmail.com
450 Highway 8
Hamilton, Ontario
L8G 1G6

Nominees for Ward 11 Councillor

Candidate's Name Date Nominated Contact Address
Brenda Johnson May 7 Phone 905-643-6281
Email votebrendajohnson@hotmail.com
194 Winona Road Winona, Ontario L8E 5K4
Waleed Shewayhat July 17 Phone 905-515-2302
Email voteshewayhat@gmail.com

15 Simpson Ave. Hannon, Ontario
L0R 1P0

Nominees for Ward 12 Councillor

Candidate's Name Date Nominated Contact Address
John Scime May 1 Phone 905-515-3370
Email john2018@johnscime.ca
Miranda Reis May 2 Phone 905-870-9388
Phone 519-620-1833
Email mdreis@bellnet.ca
Website mirandareis.ca
Mike Bell June 14 Phone 905-920 -2385
Email mikebellward12@gmail.com
Web www.mikebell-ward12.ca
40 Hammill Ct.
Ancaster, Ontario
L9G 4L4
Lloyd Ferguson July 9

Phone 289-698-3374
Phone 905-648-3687
Email campaign2018@lferguson.com

687 Ferguson Road
Jerseyville, Ontario
L0R 1R0

Kevin Marley July 27 Phone 905-520-7496
Email kevinmarleyward12@gmail.com

Nominees for Ward 13 Councillor

Candidate's Name Date Nominated Contact Address
Kevin Gray May 1 Phone 905-541-4547
Email kevingrayward13@gmail.com
95 Livingstone Drive
Hamilton, Ontario
L9H 7S5
John Mykytyshyn May 1 Phone 905-627-2861
Cell 416-540-8575
Email john.mykytyshyn@gmail.com
Web www.johnforward13.ca
Twitter @johnmykytyshyn
109 Park Street West
Hamilton, Ontario
L9H 1X6
Rich Gelder June 11 Phone 905-536-6058
Email rgelder@cogeco.ca
7 Brady Court
Dundas, Ontario
L9H 6R4
Arlene Vanderbeek July 6 Phone 905-627-0442
Email arlene@votearlene.com
8 Helen Street
Dundas, Ontario
L9H 1N3
Pamela Mitchell July 24

Phone 905-869-2208
Phone 905-572-5650

Gaspare Bonomo July 26 Phone 905-971-3842
Email gaspare.bonomo.math@gmail.com
John Roberts July 27 Email johnroberts.3325@gmail.com 1554 Brock Road
Dundas, Ontario
9H 5E4

Nominees for Ward 14 Councillor

Candidate's Name Date Nominated Contact Address
Vincent Samuel June 12 Phone 289-308-7894
Email vincent.samuel@hotmail.com
168 Bluebell Cr.
Hamilton, Ontario
L9K 1E7
Robert Iszkula June 13 Email robert@ward14.ca
Web www.ward14.ca
Bryan Wilson June 20 Phone 226-789-1075
Email bryanwilson@techie.com
141 West 27th Street
Hamilton, Ontario
L9L 5A2
Terry Whitehead July 26 Phone 289-431-0140
Email terrywhitehead14@gmail.com
Web www.terrywhitehead.com
89 McIntosh Avenue
Hamilton, Ontario
L9B 1R5
Roslyn French-Sanges July 26 Phone 905-317-6662
Email sanges4ward14@gmail.com
Web roslyn4ward14.ca
560 Scenic Drive
Hamilton, Ontario
L9C 1G8

Nominees for Ward 15 Councillor

Candidate's Name Date Nominated Contact Address
Susan McKechnie May 1 Email susan@freshmanagement.ca
Web www.susanmckechnie.com
Judi Partridge June 18 Email judi.partridge@sympatico.ca
Web www.judipartridge.ca

Registered Third Party

Third Party Name Date Registered Contact Address
Britney Guerra August 9 Phone 905-273-9579
Email britneyanne@me.com
Karl Andrus September 10 Phone 289-214-7636
Email karlandrus@yeslrt.ca
Sean Hurley September 10    
Matthew Green September 30    
Uncover Community Development Limited October 2    
Patrick Tomaszewski October 5    
Concierge Marketing Inc. October 9    
Say No To Fred’s LRT Corp. October 11    
Mount Hamilton Youth Soccer October 15    
Campaign Life Coalition October 18