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Ward Boundary Changes

The City of Hamilton ward boundaries changed prior to the 2018 election, enter your address below to find out if your ward changed.

OMB Decision - December 12, 2017

The Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) has been reviewing ward boundaries proposed by Hamilton City Council in February 2017. The OMB decision (PDF, 205 KB) was provided to the City on December 12, 2017 advising that the City’s ward boundary by-law be amended to reflect Option 2 outlined in the February 1, 2017 Watson & Associates Report (PDF,  15.1 MB). 

Upcoming Ward Boundaries

Map of Ward Boundary option 2 recommended by OMB decision

Current Ward Boundaries

Map of Current Ward Boundaries

Upcoming Ward Boundary Structure

View the updated Ward Boundaries for the upcoming election

To learn more about the Ward Boundary Review visit www.hamilton.ca/wardboundaryreview