ERASE Community Improvement Plan Review

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The City of Hamilton’s Environmental Remediation and Site Enhancement or ERASE Community Improvement Plan is a set of programs designed to encourage and promote brownfield redevelopment.

The plan provides financial incentives to help clean up and replace ERASE brownfields with productive economic land uses. This will improve both economic opportunities and environmental conditions in the city.

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Hamilton is viewed as a leader in terms of brownfield redevelopment and related initiatives and is exploring options to further improve and is exploring options to further improve and refine our role in the process.

The City has begun a review of the ERASE Community Improvement Plan (CIP).

Why we are updating the ERASE CIP

Since the adoption of the ERASE CIP in 2001, changes in the growth and development of the City have resulted in the need to amend the ERASE CIP periodically.

To ensure that the ERASE CIP remains a current and appropriate guide for the improvement of economic opportunities and environmental conditions in the City of Hamilton, it is time to review and update the ERASE CIP for future growth.  

History of ERASE CIP

  • 2001: Original ERASE CIP adopted - applied only to older industrial area
  • 2005: ERASE CIP amended - program expanded to entire urban area
  • 2010: ERASE CIP amended - Remediation Loan Program adopted, additional eligible costs added to some programs and administrative changes
  • 2017: Current review and update - evaluation of the current geographic boundaries, and the existing financial incentives

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