Downtown & BIA Programs

Downtown & BIA Programs

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Downtown and Community Renewal Community Improvement Plan

The Downtown and Community Renewal Community Improvement Plan provides the basis for community improvement programs and initiatives within designated Community Improvement Project Areas in the City of Hamilton.

Does the City offer incentive programs for BIA businesses?

The City provides financial assistance to commercial property owners and owner-authorized tenants within active Business Improvement Areas.

This program aims to:

  • improve the appearance of commercial properties
  • support commercial property and business owners with rehabilitation of interior space
  • assist in creating a barrier free and accessible environment
Does the City offer incentives to convert or establish multi-residential units?

The Hamilton Downtown, Barton and Kenilworth Multi-Residential Property Investment Program, helps stimulate residential development within Downtown Hamilton, the Barton Village BIA and commercial corridors along Barton Street and Kenilworth Avenue North.

The program provides financial assistance for:

  • converting existing commercial space into multiple dwelling units
  • renovating existing multiple dwelling units
  • creating new multiple dwelling on vacant land
Does the City offer interest-free loans for restoring heritage properties?

The Hamilton Community Heritage Fund provides interest-free loans to a maximum of $50,000 for restoring and the conservation of heritage attributes on properties designated under the Ontario Heritage Act.