Barton-Kenilworth Planning and Building Fee Rebate Program

The Barton-Kenilworth Planning and Building Fee Rebate Program allows application fees to be rebated if applications are for properties that are located within the:

  • Barton Village Business Improvement Area
  • Barton-Kenilworth Commercial Corridors and properties that front on Barton Street between James Street North and Victoria Avenue North.

Program details

Application fees that can be rebated include:

Planning fees

  • Committee of Adjustment Minor Variance Approval (complex or routine)
    • the applicant can apply for a rebate if the proposed variance(s) support the revitalization of the corridors and can be supported by Planning staff and the decision to approve is made by the Committee of Adjustment, and there are no appeals made to the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB).  If this is not the case, and there is an appeal to the OMB which over turns the Committee of Adjustment decision, there will be no rebate issued.  However, if the OMB upholds the Committee’s decision, the rebate will be issued.
  • Site Plan Control Application (major or minor) only after issuance of Building Permit
    • the applicant can apply for a rebate upon Site Plan Final Approval.
  • An application fee of $96.05 is to accompany the application. The rate of the fee may be changed from time to time as approved by City Council.

Building fees

  • Minimum Permit Fee
  • Assembly Occupancies
  • Residential Occupancies (excluding hotels, motels)
  • Business and Person Services
  • Mercantile (Retail – Finished only)
  • Industrial (excluding parking garages and gas stations)
  • Mechanical Systems (commercial cooking exhaust system)
  • Signs

Applicant can apply for a rebate upon Final Inspection and Building Permit completion.

Rebates are subject to the availability of funding and at the discretion of the General Manager, Planning and Economic Development.

How to apply

  1. Review the full program description, including program terms. (PDF, 136 KB)
  2. Complete the Barton-Kenilworth Planning and Building Fee Rebate Program application form (PDF, 258 KB) and submit in person or by mail to:

    City of Hamilton
    71 Main Street West, 7th Floor
    Hamilton, Ontario, L8P 4Y5
    Phone: 905-546-2424 ext. 2755
    Fax: 905-546-2693