Downtown and Community Renewal Community Improvement Plan

What is a Community Improvement Plan?

A Community Improvement Plans or CIP is a tool that allows a municipality to direct funds and implement policy initiatives toward a specifically defined project area. Section 28 of the Planning Act gives municipalities that have enabling policies in their official plans, the ability to prepare Community Improvement Plans.

The Community Improvement Plans are intended to encourage revitalization initiatives and/or stimulate development and redevelopment. Once implemented, the Plan allows municipalities to provide tax assistance, grants or loans to assist in the revitalization of lands and/or buildings within the defined Community Improvement Project Area.

Through Community Improvement Plans, municipalities can:

  • focus public attention on local priorities and municipal initiatives
  • target areas in transition or in need of repair, rehabilitation and redevelopment
  • facilitate and encourage community change in a co-ordinated manner
  • stimulate private sector investment through municipal incentive-based programs.

Downtown and Community Renewal CIP (2016)

The Downtown and Community Renewal Community Improvement Plan provides the framework for City programs and initiatives intended to stimulate private sector investment and redevelopment. It focuses on municipal action and investment that promotes and enhances Hamilton’s various downtowns, commercial districts and mixed use corridors. The CIP functions as an implementation tool, meant to encourage development activities that implement the vision and policies established in related plans and strategies.

The following Municipal Incentive Programs have come out of this Plan: