Hamilton Tax Increment Grant Program

The Hamilton Tax Increment Grant Program, provides an economic means for developing, redeveloping or renovating residential and/or commercial lands and buildings located within:

  • Downtown Hamilton
  • Community Downtowns
  • Mount Hope/Airport Gateway
  • Business Improvement Areas
  • those properties within the City boundary designated under the Ontario Heritage Act

Program details

The program will approve a five-year grant, in an amount not exceeding the increase in municipal property taxes as a direct result of the development or redevelopment of the land and or building.

Approved grants cannot go above 100% of the municipal realty tax increase during the first year, 80% in year two, 60% in year three, 40% in year four and 20% in year five. Grants will not go over the costs of the property’s development or redevelopment. They are not assignable by the property owner to anyone, except for purchasers of new condominium units.

Properties must meet these qualifying criteria to be eligible:

  • Projects that include developing, redeveloping or renovating residential/commercial lands and buildings within Downtown Hamilton, Community Downtowns, the Mount Hope / Airport Gateway, Business Improvement Areas (BIAs), or, designated under the Ontario Heritage Act and located within the City boundary are eligible under the Program.
  • Approval of the application and estimated grant amount is subject to City Council approval. Such application will be submitted and only received if it is prior to the owner’s commencement of improvements or rehabilitation to their property and shall include plans, estimates, contracts and other details as may be required to satisfy the City as to the cost of the project and as to the conformity of the project with the objectives of the Downtown and Community Renewal Community Improvement Plan.
  • Such project is also required to be in compliance with the City’s Official Plan policies, other by-laws and policies, including but not limited to zoning, site plan approval, design guidelines, heritage matters including preservation of historical buildings. The compliance of each application with the criteria of this program and the estimated amount of the property’s grants,within the permitted terms of this program, is at the discretion of and subject to Council approval.
  • All parking lots and vacant sites are eligible. Properties upon which commercial, residential or industrial buildings are cleared and demolished are eligible with the exception of designated heritage buildings.
  • This program shall not apply to an existing or proposed Adult Entertainment Parlour, Body Rub Establishment, Correction Facility, Corrections Residence, Emergency Shelter, Lodging House or Residential Care Facility as defined in the Zoning By-law.

How to apply

  1. Review the full program description, including program terms. (PDF, 136 KB)
  2. Complete the Hamilton Tax Increment Grant Program application form (PDF, 258 KB) and submit in person or by mail to:

    City of Hamilton
    71 Main Street West, 7th Floor
    Hamilton, Ontario, L8P 4Y5
    Phone: 905-546-2424 ext. 2755
    Fax: 905-546-2693
  3. You will need to pay the administration fee when you submit your application:
  • The fee is $265.55 for grants less than or equal to $12,500
  • The free is $904 for grants greater than $12,500 

If the property assessment is under appeal, an application will not be accepted.

Application period: Applications accepted year round. Subject to the availability of funding.