LEED Grant Program

The LEED grant program provides an economic way for sustainable building and sustainable land development practices located within our LEEDING the Way Community Improvement Project Area.

The purpose of the grant program is for the City of Hamilton to share, the incremental construction cost, consultation, energy modelling and certification fees with the applicant to achieve LEED certification.

Program details

The Canadian Green Building Council calculates grants on the basis of the rating of official certification under the LEED rating system. The program authorizes for each approved grant application a five year grant, the amount of which is subject to Council approval, in an amount not exceeding the increase in municipal realty taxes as a direct result of the development or redevelopment of land and/or building. The grant which may be approved by Council will be an amount which does not exceed 75% of the municipal realty tax increase during the term of the grant.

For purposes of determining the eligible amount of the increase in municipal realty taxes, special charges will be excluded from the calculation. The grant would reduce the effect of an increase in municipal (City portion only) realty taxes attributable to the differential between the pre-development assessment and the post-development assessment. The approved grant is assignable. The grant program may be applied for with other incentive programs that the City of Hamilton offers except for other Tax Incremental Financing programs.

How to apply

  1. Review thefull program description, including program terms. (PDF, 179 KB)
  2. Complete the LEED Grant Program Application Form (PDF, 91 KB) and submit in person or by mail to:

    City of Hamilton
    71 Main Street West, 7th Floor
    Hamilton, Ontario, L8P 4Y5
    Attention: Brian Morris
  3. You will need to pay the $858.80 administration fee when you submit your application.