Mobile Signs

A mobile sign can be readily moved from one location to another, and may be part of or attached to a wheeled trailer or frame without wheels but does not include a Temporary Sign. A mobile sign requires a Sign permit.

Complete the Mobile Sign application form (PDF, 58 KB) and submit in person or by fax to:

One Stop for Business, Licensing Counter
City Hall
71 Main Street West, 1st Floor, Hamilton, Ontario
Fax: 905-546-2139

Refer to the Business Licence Reference Guide (PDF, 1 MB) to determine the mobile sign application fee. You can pay by cash, cheque (payable to the City of Hamilton) or credit card.

Mobile sign requirements

A mobile sign must:

  • Be located on the property of the business advertised on the sign.
  • Have the sign owner’s name and phone number on the sign.
  • Have a sticker displayed on the sign from the sign company who leases or rents the mobile sign.  The sign company must have a business licence
  • Be located where it will not be a safety hazard
  • Not be placed on property that is owned by the City.
  • Not be illuminated, be moving, animated, or cause noise.
  • Not be located on vacant property or in a required parking space.
  • Be only displayed for a 14 day permit period. A maximum of 2 consecutive display periods, after which there must be a 14 day hiatus from any sign being displayed on this property before another permit period can begin.
  • Mobile signs are not allowed on a property within the Downtown Community Improvement Project Area (PDF, 275 KB), a Business Improvement Area, the Ancaster Village Core Area, or within the Glanbrook Village Core Area.
  • A maximum of 6 permits for a single business on a property for a total yearly allowance of 84 days.

Exceptions for mobile signs

You can use a mobile sign to advertise a grand opening or closing promotional event, but it must meet the following criteria:

  • Have a special permit
  • Displayed for maximum of seven days
  • Used only once per business
  • No other mobile sign exists on property
  • No banner on property advertising the same event
  • Must follow all other mobile sign requirements