Business By-laws

Sidewalk or A Frame Signs

A sidewalk sign is a temporary sign that is a free-standing and is typically shaped like an “A” or a “T” with one or two sign faces. 

Complete the Mobile Sign application form (PDF, 361 KB) and submit in person or by fax to:

One Stop for Business, Licensing Counter
City Hall
71 Main Street West, 1st Floor, Hamilton, Ontario
Fax: 905-546-2139

Refer to the Business Licence Reference Guide (PDF, 1 MB) to determine the sidewalk sign application fee. You can pay by cash, cheque (payable to the City of Hamilton) or credit card.

You can now pay your sign application fee online.

To make an online payment you must have:

  • your licence number if paying for a renewal i.e: 18-XXXXXX (first 2 digits represent the year)
  • your application number if paying for a new licence i.e: 18-XXXXX (first 2 digits represent the year)

Sidewalk sign requirements

A sidewalk sign must:

  • Only be displayed during business’ hours of operation
  • Not exceed 0.6 metres wide by 0.8 metres high in size
  • Not be permanently secured
  • Be as close as possible to the front wall of the business being advertised to ensure sidewalks and walkways are safe

Additional regulations for signs in Business Improvement Areas, Ancaster Village Core, Community Improvement Project Areas etc:

  • Signs can be placed on public sidewalks, adjacent to curb or front wall of business being advertised but not in the Urban Braille System
  • You will need insurance coverage