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Commercial Water & Sewer

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Are there guidelines for discharging wastewater to the city's sewer works?

Hamilton’s Sewer Use By-law outlines sewer discharge guidelines for comerical, industrial, institutional and residential users that discharge wastewater to the city’s sewer works or have waste hauled to the sewer works for discharge.

It is the user’s responsibility to ensure that their discharges meet the provisions specified in the by-law.

What is the Backflow Prevention Program?

The Backflow Prevention By-law No. 10-103 ensures that we deliver clean and safe drinking water to all of our residents and businesses. The by-law effects all:

  • Industrial properties
  • Commercial properties
  • Institutional properties
  • Multi-residential properties four stories or higher

It ensures that businesses install a backflow prevention device on the water service line after the water meter to prevent the backflow of water into the city’s drinking water source.

How can I reduce the sewer surcharge for my business?

The Wastewater Abatement program allows eligible commercial and industrial ratepayers to apply for an assessment of the flow differential between water use and sewage discharged to the city's sanitary sewer and combined sewer systems.

Eligible commercial and industrial consumers include those that divert a minimum of 25% of their purchased potable water from the sewer works. 

What do I need to know if I own and operate a small drinking water system?

If you own and/or operate a business or facility that has its own drinking water system that uses water from a well or cistern, then you likely own and operate a small drinking water system.

Regulations under the Health Protection and Promotion Act require owners of small drinking water systems to provide consistently safe drinking water to their user.

Tips for managing waste water on construction sites

Runoff water from construction sites is a major source of water pollution. Runoff water contains contaminants that degrade water quality in streams, wetlands and ground water.