Commercial Water & Sewer

Wastewater Abatement Program

The Wastewater Abatement program allows eligible commercial and industrial ratepayers to apply for an assessment of the flow differential between water use and sewage discharged to the city's sanitary sewer and combined sewer systems. Eligible commercial and industrial consumers include those that divert a minimum of 25% of their purchased potable water from the sewer works. Water diverted from the sewer works for uses such as ground irrigation, recreation and off-premise are not eligible for abatement.

You are not eligible for this program if your premise is non-compliant with any of the provisions of the Sewer Use By-law No. 14-090 or if you are not in good financial standing with the City.

Upon approval, your wastewater/storm charges on your water bill could be reduced to better reflect your use of the City's sewer system.

To apply for the Wastewater Abatement program, you need to submit a completed Wastewater Abatement Program Application form (Excel, 45 KB) by mail to:

City of Hamilton
Environmental Monitoring and Enforcement Unit
700 Woodward Avenue
Administration Building
Hamilton, Ontario L8H 6P4
Attention: Superintendent, Environmental Monitoring and Enforcement

We verify the information on the application form and accompanying documents.  We cannot accept incomplete applications; these will be returned to you.

We may require additional information during our review of the application including but not limited to engineering reports, a water balance study or calibration records. We will contact you in writing should additional information be required.

Sanitary Surcharge and Wastewater Abatement By-law No. 03-272 (includes all amendments).