Health Requirements & Inspections

Health Requirements & Inspections

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Do food premises need certified food handlers on site at all times?

All high and medium risk food premises in Hamilton are required to have a certified food handler working in a supervisory capacity during all hours of operation, under Hamilton’s Food Handler Certification Bylaw No. 07-245.

During food premise inspections, public health inspectors will ask the person acting in a supervisory capacity to show their food handler certification card.  Showing the certificate is required by law. For food premises that do not have a certified food handler on site, there is a fine of $365.

What do green, yellow and red cards posted by restaurants in Hamilton mean?

The Food Safety Certificates of Inspection are posted in food premises in Hamilton to let the public know whether the premise passed their last food safety inspection. 

  • A green card means the premise passed their inspection.
  • A yellow card means the premise received a conditional pass for their premise.
  • A red card means the premise was closed due to health risks to the public.
Does my swimming pool or hot tub need to be inspected before opening to the public?

All indoor year-round public swimming pools and public spas (hot tubs) are inspected:

  • before the pool or spa opens for use
  • once every three months thereafter

All outdoor seasonal public swimming pools and public spas (hot tubs) are inspected:

  • each year before they open or are used
  • once every three months thereafter while the pool is operating
What laws are there about selling tobacco in my store?

You must have a business licence to sell tobacco in the City of Hamilton.

The Smoke-Free Ontario Act

  • Makes it against the law to buy, sell or give a person under 19 any tobacco products
  • Does not allow stores to have tobacco products where the public can see them
  • Requires signs in the locations affected by this law