Health Requirements & Inspections

Cooling Towers

Hamilton’s Cooling Tower Registry By-law No. 11-078 (PDF, 32 kB) requires all cooling tower owners to register existing cooling towers before May 1 of each year.  If you do not renew your cooling tower by that date, your registration is considered expired.

Requirements for cooling tower operators

Here are the steps you need to take to comply with the By-law:

  1. Complete all three parts of Cooling Tower registration forms:
  1. Return your forms by:

City of Hamilton - Public Health Services
Safe Water Program
Robert Thomson Building
110 King Street West, 2nd Floor
Hamilton, Ontario L8P 4S6

Has your information changed? The by-law requires you notify Public Health within 10 business days if any information on the forms changes.

  1. Complete a Risk Management Plan for each cooling tower that you keep for your own records. Use this Risk Management Plan Template (PDF, 18.6 KB) to draft a plan for your cooling tower.

    The Plan should include a number of basic components such as:
  • site details
  • contact details
  • assessment of each of the critical risks and an indication that the risk is resolved or addressed, or a reasonable date when the risk will be resolved
  • attachments or reference to other documents such as operational manuals and plans, maintenance plans and shut-down procedures

4. Develop a logbook for each cooling tower that shows when the cooling tower is maintained.

Personal information collected pursuant to the City of Hamilton Cooling Tower Registry By-law will be used for Cooling Tower Registry purposes. Questions regarding the collection of this information may be addressed to:

John Fortuna
Supervisor, Safewater Program
110 King Street West, 2nd Floor
Hamilton, Ontario L8P 4S6
905-546-2424 ext. 3038