Health Requirements & Inspections

Residential Care Facilities Health Requirements

Residential care facilities are buildings where people live to receive 24-hour care services.  Residential care facilities include:

  • psychiatric care homes
  • homes for residents with developmental disabilities
  • geriatric care homes, also known as retirement homes

Retirement homes may be licensed by the province under the Retirement Homes Regulatory Authority.

Public health requirements

Public health inspectors check all residential care facilities in Hamilton for environmental health and safety conditions.  Registered nurse inspectors check residential care facilities not licensed under the Retirement Homes Regulatory Authority for appropriate resident care.  Requirements the inspectors look for are found in:

Public health inspectors also inspect residential care facilities for safe food handling practices outlined under the Ontario Food Premises Regulation.

Residential Care Facilities Environmental and Nursing inspection results

Find out about the inspection results for all Residential Care Facilities in Hamilton.

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