Workplace Policies & Programs

Workplace Policies & Programs

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Training and Information

Are you looking for convenient ways to learn about new and exciting developments for your workplace wellness program?

Substance Use Policies

In preparation for cannabis legalization, workplaces should consider reviewing their substance use policies.

Why is work stress prevention important for employers?

According to the Canadian Community Health Survey, 30% of the working population in Hamilton say that work is quite a bit stressful or extremely stressful on most days.

How can I increase physical activity in my workplace?

You can increase physical activity in your workplace by:

  1. Creating a supportive environment
  2. Creating policies to support physical activity
Why should employers invest in healthy workplace programs?

Employers should create a healthy workplace:

  • To control the financial costs associated with an unhealthy workplace and to gain the benefits of a healthy workplace
  • To build the organization’s profile as a good and socially responsible employer
  • To demonstrate legal due diligence toward their employees
How can I encourage healthy eating in my workplace?

You can encourage healthy eating in your workplace by:

  1. Creating a supportive environment
  2. Developing and implementing healthy eating policies
  3. Providing access to resources about healthy eating