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Healthy Workplaces

Why employers should invest in healthy workplace programs

Employers should create a healthy workplace for three reasons, according to the Conference Board of Canada:

  1. To control the financial costs associated with an unhealthy workplace and to gain the benefits of a healthy workplace
  2. To build the organization’s profile as a good and socially responsible employer
  3. To demonstrate legal due diligence toward their employees

How to create a healthy workplace

Workplaces can mobilize or influence healthy workplace initiatives in the following four key areas, according to the World Health Organization:

Physical work environment
Provide a safe physical work environment by addressing health and safety concerns.

Psychosocial work environment
Promote and encourage attitudes, values, beliefs and daily practices in the workplace that have a positive impact on the mental and physical well-being of employees.

Personal health resources
Provide health services, information, resources, opportunities, flexibility and other supportive environment measures to support or motivate employees’ efforts to improve or maintain healthy lifestyles and to support their physical and mental health.

Workplace involvement in the community
Consider assistance, resources or expertise that a workplace may offer to support the social and physical well-being of the community surrounding the workplace.

Services to support healthy workplace programs

Hamilton employers can access the following services through the City of Hamilton at no cost:

  • Help creating, updating or implementing a workplace policy, guideline, practice or procedure relating to healthy workplaces
  • Resources for creating a healthy workplace
  • An enewsletter about workplace health promotion and learning opportunities.
  • Inexpensive and effective ideas for a healthy workplace

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