Great parks make great neighbourhoods!

The concept of a group of individuals coming together to become the caretakers of their park is what defines an Adopt-a-Park group. Adopt-a-Park groups consist of volunteers from businesses, service groups, schools and neighbourhood associations. These groups help to maintain their park by undertaking litter clean-ups, planting and weeding gardens, and reporting vandalism and graffiti. Some groups hold community barbecues and events in their parks to encourage community engagement. Working with City staff, these volunteers help to improve park amenities and create clean and safe parks.

Adopt-a-Park Training Session - Monday, March 19
Gage Park Greenhouse from 5:30 to 7:30 pm
All Adopt-a-Park groups should attend this annual training session. The training will include new program information, safety updates and some great resources.

Benefits of well-kept parks and public green spaces include:

  • Boost to urban economy
  • Natural beauty and neighbourhood gathering places
  • Provides positive impression; appeals and attracts residents and visitors
  • “Green infrastructure” that improves our local environment
  • Prevents flooding and improves quality of water
  • Cleaner air from trees; releasing oxygen and absorbing pollutants
  • Natural habitat for animals and birds
  • Play space for children
  • Promote physical activity and overall better health for all

Being part of an Adopt-a-Park program provides volunteers with an opportunity to:

  • Keep your local park clean and green
  • Work together with neighbours, community members and colleagues to foster community building
  • Meet new people
  • Be a good neighbour

Adopt-a-Park groups do a lot of things to keep their park looking beautiful such as:

  • Pick up litter
  • Rake leaves
  • Report and/or remove graffiti
  • Report hazards
  • Sweep walkways and paved areas
  • Pull weeds
  • Keep shrubs and gardens maintained
  • Woodchip trees and shrub beds

Adopt-a-Park groups are expected to conduct 2-4 clean-up activities per year.

The City of Hamilton will provide annual safety training, bags, gloves and access to the Community Clean-Up Trailers.

Adopt-a-Park groups are expected to attend the annual training session (Spring time) and conduct 2-4 clean-up and beautification activities per year

Clean Teams must agree to host a cleanup event to pick up litter and remove graffiti at least four times per year.

In recognition for your group’s hard work, we’ll install an Adopt-a-Park sign recognizing your efforts to help keep Hamilton clean and green.

Here are the steps to take to adopt a park:

1. Fill out the application form (PDF, 44.2 KB) or online

2. Submit your application form by:
Fax: 905-546-4473

3. We contact you to complete the process.

The Adopt-a-Park Tool Box is created to offer some of the resources that you require. These are documents that you would have received during the annual training or in your original package. If you require additional copies, feel free to print from the pdf in the tool box.

Community Clean-Up Trailers

The Community Clean Trailer and the Clean and Green Trailer provide volunteers with the tools they need to beautify our city parks, alleyways, trails and neighbourhoods. Each year, thousands of volunteers collect litter, remove graffiti, and weed flower and shrub beds, plant and mulch trees in an effort to keep our parks and our community clean and green. For more details visit the Community Clean-up Trailer.

Request the Community Clean-up Trailer

Community Improvement Report

Thank you for helping keep Hamilton Clean and Green! We want you to help us gather the details and accomplishments from your efforts. The Community Improvement Report should be completed after ever clean-up activity, small or large; we want to share your successes!

Information in the Community Improvement Report helps us report to Council on the efforts and accomplishments of our volunteers, provides us with information regarding supplies and tools needed by volunteers and allows us to showcase your work!

Complete the Community Improvement Report