Great parks make great neighbourhoods!

The Adopt-a-Park program is a year round volunteer program. Adopt-a-Park volunteer groups sign up to help maintain and care for trees, flowers and shrub beds in our local parks. The groups agree to maintain and take care of a park for a minimum of three years. The group must:
  • host litter clean ups
  • add woodchips or mulch for trees
  • remove or report graffiti
  • weed shrub beds at least four times each year

Many groups hold events to promote park usage or fundraise for park enhancements such as benches, trees and play structures.

To recognize each Adopt-a-Park group we provide:

  • a certificate of appreciation
  • an Adopt-a-Park sign featuring the name of the volunteer group

Here are the steps to take to adopt a park:

  1. Fill out the application form (PDF, 44.2 KB)
  2. Submit your application form by:
    • Email: clean&
    • Fax: 905-546-4473
  3.  We contact you to complete the process.

Benefits of well-kept parks and public green spaces include:

  • Boost to urban economy
  • Natural beauty and neighbourhood gathering places
  • Provides positive impression; appeals and attracts residents and visitors
  • “Green infrastructure” that improves our local environment
  • Prevents flooding and improves quality of water
  • Cleaner air from trees; releasing oxygen and absorving polluntants
  • Natural habitat for animals and birds
  • Play space for children
  • Promote physical activity and overall better health for all