Toxic blue-green algae has been confirmed at Pier 4 Beach in Hamilton Harbour.  Do not come into contact with the water. City of Hamilton conducting clean up along parts of the Hamilton Harbour shoreline.

Community Environmental Initiatives

Community Gardens

Community Gardens are a great form of recreation for people of all ages. You can use a community garden to grow your own fresh food.  If you are interested in participating in a community garden contact the Hamilton Community Garden Network

Please review the COVID-19 Safe Operating Recommendations for Community Gardens (PDF, 136 KB).

Starting a new community garden

All new community garden locations must be approved by the City’s Portfolio Management Committee. To start a new community garden:

  1. Fill out the Community Garden Application Form (PDF, 64 KB)
  2. Submit your application and drawing of the garden showing the approximate size of the garden, the proposed number of plots and any other structures you intend to construct on the land (such as fences) to:

    Adam Watson, Project Manager
    Neighbourhood Action Strategy
    28 James Street North, 5th floor
    Hamilton, Ontario L8R 2K1
  3. City staff will determine if the location is suitable and tell you whether you need to consult with the local community.

Contact Us

Adam Watson, Project Manager
Phone: 905-546-2428 ext. 7806