Extreme Park Makeovers

In 2017 there will be one major Extreme Park Makeover and several mini-makeovers. North Central Park in the Keith Neighbourhood will be the site of the 2017 Extreme Park Makeover in July. We are partnering with North Central Community Association, the Rotary Club of Hamilton, and Elly4Kids Foundation to make this one of our largest makeovers. NHL Player Ryan Ellis & his foundation Elly4Kids is sponsoring a new play structure for this park! When the Makeovers are complete, we will celebrate with everyone who helped make the improvements possible.

2017 Extreme Park Makeover projects

North Central Park

July 7 & 8, 2017

Community members, the adopt-a-park group and local children will help beautify North Central Park. This small but well used park will get a facelift, including art panels and freshly painted murals sponsored by the Rotary Club of Hamilton In addition, there will be pollinator patches and shrub beds added to the park. Additional seating and improved amenities are all park of the Extreme Park Makeover.

We are also excited to announce that NHL Player Ryan Ellis and his foundation Elly4Kids has selected North Central Park for installation of a new play structure. The current structure is near its end of live, and a new play structure featuring slides and lots of play opportunities will be installed thanks to the generosity of the Elly4Kids Foundation.

Elly 4 Kids Foundation logo

Since our first Extreme Park Makeover in 2009, children, youth & families have all come to enjoy their refurbished parks. The Extreme Park Makeovers promote community involvement, attracts private donations, leverages municipal funds, and empowers neighbourhoods to take ownership of their local parks.

We know that years later, we need to re-visit those sites to provide some much needed TLC. We work with our Adopt-a-Park Groups and the neighbourhood to re-paint, update and renew some of the previous locations. We are working with our friends to hold several mini-makeovers at some of our past Extreme Park Makeover locations. These mini-makeovers will only help to continue to improve end reinvigorate our parks.

Depending on the scope of the project, Extreme Park Makeovers can take as little as one day or can extend over multiple days.

Mini-Park Makeovers

Pinky Lewis Parkettee –  Creative Play Zone

May 28, 2017

We are heading back to Pinky Lewis Parkette. The teaching garden area needs some repairs and we will be creating a new area for parents to sit and enjoy the gardens as well as a fun zone for creative play. The Creative Play Zone will add to existing programs offered at the recreation centre and CORE Kids Programs in the community.

  • 2016 - Lucy Day Park
  • 2016 - Woodlands Park - Literacy Trail CN EcoConnections
  • 2015 - Life Saver Park
  • 2014 - Belview Park
  • 2014 - Pinky Lewis Parkette and Cathy Wever School – Scotts GRO1000 Grant Finalist
  • 2014 - Powell Park – Giver TVO Project
  • 2013 - Corktown Park
  • 2012 - Carter Park
  • 2011 - Jackie Washington Rotary Park – Spec Kids GreenGym installation
  • 2011 - Birge Park – Giver TVO Project
  • 2010 - Jackie Washington Rotary Park - phase 1
  • 2009 - Woodlands Park
  • 2009 - Bayview Park