Extreme Park Makeovers

2016 will be a record year for Extreme Park Makeovers in Hamilton. The Extreme Park Makeover promotes community involvement, attracts private donations, leverages municipal funds, and empowers neighbourhoods to take ownership of their local parks. When the Makeovers are complete, we celebrate with everyone who helped make the improvements possible.

2016 Extreme Park Makeover projects

Lucy Day Park

August 19 & 20, 2016

Community members, the adopt-a-park group and local children will help beautify Lucy Day Park. This small but well used park will get a facelift, including art panels and freshly painted murals. In addition, there will be pollinator patches and shrub beds added to the park. A small reading nook with be added and dedicated to the parks name sake Lucy Day who would read stories to local children.

Woodlands Park Literacy Trail

Media Launch - August 11

The Literacy Trail at Woodlands Park is to eliminate an old weed & litter infested alley and create a Literacy Trail extension in the park. This greening project will create a trail with large shade trees, gardens and pollinator patches. The trail will encompass a Literacy theme, opportunities for literacy education; learning about butterflies, trees and wildlife. The Literacy Trail will include reading pods with seating to encourage children, youth and families to enjoy a book under a tree or surrounded by green vegetation. Solar powered lighting will provide light year round and a Park & Charge Unit will offer users the opportunity to utilize and charge their technology. The Literacy Trail will be a safe naturalized area for everyone to enjoy and learn!

We received a $25,000 grant from CN EcoConnections in partnership with Communities in Bloom and Trees Canada. The Extreme Park Makeover will take place September 25, 26 & 27, 2016. 

Woodlands Park Event - Thursday August 11,2016

Depending on the scope of the project, Extreme Park Makeovers can take as little as one day or can extend over multiple days.

Extreme Park Makeovers:

  • engage the community
  • refresh the park
  • provide new and improved amenities

Some improvements include:

  • new benches and trees
  • butterfly and teaching gardens
  • new play structures
  • exercise equipment
  • repaved pathways
  • community art projects

Each Extreme Park Makeover is unique and involves a variety of partnerships that help to make great parks in our communities.

  • 2015 - Life Saver Park
  • 2014 - Belview Park
  • 2014 - Pinky Lewis Parkette and Cathy Wever School – Scotts GRO1000 Grant Finalist
  • 2014 - Powell Park – Giver TVO Project
  • 2013 - Corktown Park
  • 2012 - Carter Park
  • 2011 - Jackie Washington Rotary Park – Spec Kids GreenGym installation
  • 2011 - Birge Park – Giver TVO Project
  • 2010 - Jackie Washington Rotary Park - phase 1
  • 2009 - Woodlands Park
  • 2009 - Bayview Park