Mountain Brow Multi-Use Pathway Feasibility Study

Notice of Upcoming Public Consultation Session

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Project Overview

In consultation with the public and stakeholders, the City of Hamilton is undertaking a masterplan study to determine the feasibility of a multi-use trail connecting the Iroquoia Heights Conservation in Ward 8 to the Devil’s Punch Bowl in Ward 9. 

The masterplan document will:

  • identify the location of new pathway connections
  • identify existing path segments that need to be redeveloped and those that can remain
  • identify amenities and connections
  • determine the type of pathway (e.g. 3m wide asphalt trail, on-street bike lane and sidewalk etc.)
  • propose priority timelines for construction

The new multi-use pathway will be known as the MountainBrow Trail.


  • November 2017 - Public Consultation Session 1st Round
  • December 22, 2017 - Online Survey closes
  • January until March 2018 - Data Analysis
  • March 27, 2018 - Public Consultation Session 2nd Round
  • March until July 2018 - Preparation of Report
  • July 2018 - Presentation of Final Report to Council
  • August 2018 - Public Posting of Final Report


November 2017 Public Consultation Documents:

Results from Online Survey and November 2017 Public Consultation Sessions:

March 2018 Public Consultation Documents:

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