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Shaver Estates Park and Trail

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Shaver Estates Park is a new 1.68 hectare (4.15 acre) park located at 33 Brooking Court in Ancaster. A 380 metre long trail is currently being  constructed to link the park in the west to the residential subdivision at Tollgate Drive in the east. The property is under the jurisdiction of the Grand River Conservation Authority, since it is a wetland habitat. 


  • June, 2019: Trail construction to be completed
  • Summer, 2017: Trail construction to commence
  • March 31, 2017: Tree removals along proposed trail alignment complete
  • Fall, 2016: Archaeological studies complete
  • Summer, 2016: Transplanting of sensitive plant species complete
  • Winter, 2016: Updated Environmental Impact Study complete
  • Spring 2015:  Archaeological studies expected to begin
  • April 28, 2011: Public information centre

The Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) indicated that human use of the wetland habitat adjacent to Shaver Estates Park is degrading the quality of this habitat. A designated trail, boardwalk and bridge is being constructed in order to:

  • Reduce damage from human use
  • Encourage people to remain on the path
  • Provide natural surveillance of the area while discouraging damaging use of the habitat
  • Accommodate movement of water and wildlife under the boardwalk and bridge

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