Shaver Estates Park and Trail

Shaver Estates Park is a new 4.15 acre (1.68 ha) park located at 33 Brooking Court in Ancaster. The property is under the jurisdiction of the Grand River Conservation Authority, who has permitting authority over the alteration of wetland habitat. 

  • Spring 2015 - Archaeological studies expected to begin
  • April 28, 2011 - Public information centre

The Environmental Impact Statement showed that human use of Shaver Estates Park is degrading the quality of the habitat.

A boardwalk through the wetland areas is being designed to:

  • reduce damage from human use
  • encourage people to stay on the path
  • provide natural surveillance to discourage damaging use of the park
  • allow free water and wildlife movement under the boardwalk

A clear span bridge is proposed for over the existing stream. This will avoid impacts to the stream banks and fisheries.

Studies are underway that will assist with the design of the trail connection from Tollgate Drive to Shaver Estates Park. The study will include:

  • the wetland boundary
  • rare species studies
  • tree preservation plans

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Julia van der Laan de Vries
Landscape Architect
Phone: 905-546-2424 ext. 2347