Creating New Parks

Skateboard Park Study

The City of Hamilton completed a Skateboard Park Study. The goal of the study was to create a standard process for selecting new skateboard facility locations across the city. Public input was gathered through an online survey and public sessions. The public input helped create criteria for locating new skateboard/wheeled sports parks throughout the city.

The Skateboard Park Study results provide a better understanding of:

  • Concerns, needs and preferences of park users and residents
  • Options for future skateboard parks in Hamilton

Skateboard Park Study Reports

On Friday, July 14th 2017, City Council approved Report 17-007 of the Emergency & Community Services Committee. The report included the Skateboard Park Study:

High scoring parks do not necessarily lead to feasibility of implementation. For example, site-specific constraints may be factors. These factors include (but are not limited to):

  • Cultural and natural heritage considerations
  • Detailed location and setback requirements from other park amenities and residential property lines, etc.

Constraints at ranked locations may limit development of skateboard parks that were not considered during the evaluation review.

Hamilton Helmet Initiative

Get information about helmet safety and access by visiting Hamilton Helmet Initiative.

Next steps

The Skateboard Park Study will inform location and design decisions for future skateboard/wheeled sports parks in the city. The study process identified parks as potential locations for future parks. However, a more detailed feasibility review by staff is required. This review will determine site-specific opportunities and constraints. The constraints and opportunities to be reviewed are:

  • Land ownership
  • Legislative considerations
  • Ward Councillor consultations
  • Community consultations, etc.

The reviews will take place before skateboard park facilities are included in future capital budget plans.

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