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Stadium Precinct Park

The Stadium Precinct Community Park will be located on the former Dominion Glass factory (Dom Glass) site at 43 Lloyd Street in Ward 3 of the City of Hamilton.  The Dom Glass site is approximately 4.6 ha. in size and is bounded by residential and commercial to the south, CN Rail lands to the north, Gage Avenue to the east, and industrial lands to the west. The site was acquired to replace Brian Timmis field which was lost due to the realignment of Tim Horton’s Field.  Additionally, the site provides opportunity for neighbourhood parkland amenities in a community that is highly deficient.

Location of Stadium Precinct Park Map


The committed recreational program for the Stadium Precinct Community Park includes an artificial-turf soccer/football field with stadium seating and lighting, a field house building, parking lot and entry road. Parkland amenities will also be provided.

The park program has been informed by consultation with the public and stakeholders. Input on the priorities for the park was gathered at a public meeting, youth outreach, an online survey, and an Instagram story in June and July. Thank you to all who participated! A summary of the public feedback we received is attached below. Playground and open green space were ranked highest priority park amenities by public meeting attendees, survey respondents and Instagram story voters alike. A spray pad was the most popular suggestion by the community.

Park Program (amenities listed in order of priority):

  1. Playground
  2. Open green space with planting: trees/shrubs/flowers/gardens/natural habitat
  3. Sun shelter
  4. Spray pad
  5. Multi-use court
  6. Skateboarding park or skateboarding dots
  7. Entrance feature
  8. Drinking water
  9. Picnic area
  10. Community gardens
  11. Looped pathway for walking / running
  12. Adult fitness equipment
  13. Seating
  14. Community art/event space: public art/stage/amphitheatre

Please note an off-leash dog park has not been included in the park program. Currently, Ward 3 meets the recommendation of the Outdoor Study and the goal outlined in the City’s Leash-Free Policy (2003) of one “free running area” per ward. According to the Outdoor Study, the City of Hamilton’s provision rate with respect to dog parks is high compared to other municipalities in Southern Ontario. The benchmarking review found that most municipalities are currently providing at least one dedicated off-leash dog park; the average per capita ratio is one for every 113,000 residents. If Hamilton’s 2 dog parks and 5 free running areas are combined, the City’s current provision level is better than the average (approximately 1:74,400)

Public Feedback

Thank you to all who submitted their feedback! The survey is now closed.


Stadium Precinct Timeline:

  • 2012 - Start of public consultation to shape the Stadium Precinct.
  • 2013 - Brian Timmis Field removed and construction started on Tim Hortons Field.
  • 2014 - Tim Hortons Field opened.
  • 2015 - Public Information Centre – Stadium Precinct Update
  • 2018 - Bernie Morelli Recreation Centre opened.

Community Park Timeline:

  • 2014 - City of Hamilton acquired the 43 Lloyd Street property (Dom Glass site)
  • 2014 to 2016 - Preliminary environmental reporting
  • 2015 - Demolition of Dom Glass buildings
  • 2018 to 2021 - Environmental reporting and Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks (MECP) approvals
  • Monday 17th June, 2019 - Public Information Centre #1 – Priorities for the park - Bernie Morelli Recreation Centre
  • Summer 2019 - Conceptual design of the Stadium Precinct Community Park, including ongoing consultation with stakeholders
  • Monday, October 28, 2019 - Public Information Centre #2 - Park Design Presentation - Bernie Morelli Recreation Centre Activity Room
  • 2018 to 2022 - Detailed design of park and field house, including environmental mitigation measures, Ministry approvals and permits
  • 2022 - Possible start of park construction, pending Ministry and budget approvals


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