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The following locations do not provide public programming:

Olympic Arena
70 Olympic Drive, Dundas
Phone: 905-546-3747
Ward: 13

Accessibility: Medium
Parking, Accessible washroom, Room

Spring Valley Arena
29 Orchard Drive, Ancaster
Phone: 905-546-3747
Ward: 12

Accessibility: Low
Parking, Room

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Drop-in fees effective until August 31, 2017

Single Admission

Youth $3.01
Adult $4.50
Senior $3.01
Family $8.55
Adult Shinny $6.98
Senior Shinny $4.75
Little Chillers Drop-in $4

Yearly Skate Pass

Youth Pass $36.85
Adult Pass $58.35
Senior Pass $36.85
Family Pass $81.20

  • Pricing includes applicable taxes for programs and services. Please note fees are subject to change.

Zero Tolerance policy

Every organization should have a procedure for receiving complaints or acting on misbehaviour from members (athletes, coaches and officials) and relatives/spectators. If the occurrence happens on the ice resulting from sport specific rules, the local sport group should deal with the issue through their organization’s internal sanctioning process, or support from its provincial body. For any general behaviour issues, contact a City of Hamilton Sport Development Specialist for advice. Local sport groups are responsible for communicating a decision via letter to the individual (with a copy to Sport Development staff). If there is a major incident (violence or major infraction) the City of Hamilton staff should be contacted immediately. When police are called for an incident, a report may be filed.

Recreational skating rules

All patrons who participate in Public Skates, Adult Skates, Senior Skates and Family Skates must respect the following standardized rules:

  • No food or drink on the ice surface.
  • No horseplay/games.
  • No skating backwards.
  • No figure skating manoeuvres.
  • No erratic/excessive speed skating.
  • No balls/pucks/chairs/pylons/strollers/sticks or any other item which might interfere with the safety of any skate while on the ice surface.
  • No headsets, cell phones or hand held electronic devices are to be used while skating.
  • No carrying of children is to be permitted.
  • No sitting on the boards.
  • Skate with the direction of all skaters.
  • Conduct yourself appropriately at all times.
  • Listen and adhere to the Skate Patrol at all times.
  • All participants must be wearing ice skates while on the ice surface. It is the Parents/Guardian’s responsibility to ensure their children wear appropriate safety equipment while on the ice.
  • It is highly recommended to maintain your safety on the ice and that all skaters wear a CSA approved hockey helmet during all skating activities.