Sports Fields Rain Out Policy

July 21, 2016 - 12:31pm

Hamilton Fire Department Issues Open Air Burning Ban - July 21, 2016

HAMILTON, ON – July 21, 2016 – Due to current dry weather conditions coupled with the continued forecast of extreme temperatures with no appreciable rain in the near future, the Hamilton Fire Department has issued an immediate ban on all open air burning in the City of Hamilton.  This ban suspends all approved Open Air Burning Permits.

More information and details about the ban.

In an effort to help reduce unnecessary and expensive repairs and maintenance to City owned sports fields, fields will be considered unplayable if the following conditions exist: 

  1. Visual ponding of water on the surface of the field/diamond
  2. Water sponging up around your feet when walking on the field/diamond

If either of these conditions exists, then the practice will be cancelled, or game rescheduled.

Poor weather conditions leading to cancellations will result in a credit on the Permit holder’s account. The credit will accumulate throughout the season and will be applied to the following season’s contract.

If a user group arrives at a field/diamond where these conditions exist, the user group will be asked not to play on the field/diamond by League Administrators, Game Officials and/or City staff.

In situations where City staff and/or Officials are not present, the League will ensure the Policy is adhered to. Several factors must be considered, including the safety of the participants, the possibility of liability through accident or injury, and the unnecessary expense of field/diamond repairs and maintenance.

If a group ignores the “unplayable” conditions, the following consequences may occur:

  • The permit holder will be required to pay for all damages to the field/diamond arising from abuse to the facility where the permitted group is proven responsible.
  • The permit holder will be held liable and responsible for accidents or injuries incurred because of unsafe conditions.
  • The permit holder will have their permit suspended or revoked for any future use of a field/diamond controlled by the City of Hamilton.

The Recreation Division staff will ensure all sports groups have received the Rain Out Policy. They will email the policy to the groups in May for notification purposes.

  • For Mohawk Sports Park, contact Park staff at 905-546-4401 by 1 pm weekdays and 8 am on weekends to determine field/diamond playability.
  • For all other locations, please contact Facility Bookings at 905-540-5590 between 2 to 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday.

On weekends and statutory holidays Park staff will contact user groups when weather is predicted of affect playability but the responsibility also falls on the Permit holder to contact the City for possible cancellations due to inclement weather.

  • The Recreation Facility Booking Clerks will contact Permit holders via e-mail, phone or fax of City cancellations received during office hours.
  • After office hours, Park staff will contact Permit holders but it is also the responsibility of the Permit holder to check the status of the diamonds/fields prior to the start of their games.
  • Cancellations will be posted on this page.
  • If Park staff closes a field/diamond after business hours or on weekends, they will contact Facility Bookings by 10 am the following business day so that Permit holder’s accounts can be adjusted accordingly.
  • Permit holders who have not utilized a field/diamond due to Rainout conditions, must call Facility Booking by noon the following day.
  • Where the game was scheduled for the weekend, the Permit holder must notify Facility Booking staff by noon the following Monday.

Baseball diamond or soccer/ football field closures

Sports fields are assessed on a daily basis during heavy periods of rain.

Volunteer Field

147 King Street East, Hamilton
Status: Closed as of May 2

Ancaster Community Centre Park

385 Jerseyville Road West, Ancaster
Status: Closed as of May 2

Mohawk Sports Complex – Diamond 1
Mohawk Sports Complex – Bernie Arbour 

1100 Mohawk Road East, Hamilton
Status: Closed as of May 2

2015 Opening dates for diamonds and fields - all dates weather pending

"A" Class Diamonds Opening Date
Bernie Arbour May 1
Mohawk 1 May 1
Volunteer 1 May 1


"B" Class Diamonds Opening Date
Ancaster Community Centre 1-4 May 1
Eastdale Park 2 May 11
Edwards Park 2 May 11
Heritage 1 & 2 May 11
Joe Sam's 1 & 2 May 11
Mahoney 1-4 May 11
Martino Memorial May 11
Mohawk 2, 4, 5 May 11
Mohawk 3, 6 May 11
Mt. Hope Community Park 1 May 11
Turner Park 5-12 May 11
Waterdown Memorial
1 & 2
May 11
"C" Class Diamonds Opening Date
Turner Park
2, 3, 4, 13, 14
May 8
Remainder Class "C" Fields May 8
"A" Class Fields Opening Date
Billy Sherring - Field 1 May 11
HAAA Grounds June 15
Heritage - Field 1, 3, 5 May 11
Heritage - Field 2 June 1
Heritage - Artificial Turf Field 4 April 20
Joe Sam's - Field 1 & 2 May 11
Mohawk Sports Park - Field 1 & 2, 4 (lights) June 1
Mohawk Sports Park - Field 3 (lights), 5, 6 May 11
Olympic/ Dundas - Field 1 May 11
Sackville - Field 1 June 30
Sherwood - Field 1 June 1
"B" Class Fields Opening Date
Billy Sherring - Field 2 May 11
Joe Sam's - Field 8 May 11
Olympic/ Dundas - Field 2 May 11
Sherwood - Field 2, 3, 4, 5 May 11
"C" Class Fields Opening Date
Churchill 1-5
Open Space
June 1
CP Lands (Corktown) 1 June 1
CP Land (Corktown) 2 June 15
Jerseyville Landfill 1-3 May 11
Mohawk SP - Open 1, 2 May 11
Remainder Class "C" Fields May 11