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2019 Asphalt Pathway Improvements


Throughout 2019, the Parks and Cemeteries Section completed multiple park pathway improvements at various locations within the City. Each park location required varying levels of improvement, ranging from complete removal and replacement of asphalt and base material, to a simple asphalt patch. This quantity of work completed could not have been achieved without funding contributions from Infrastructure Canada.

Project Locations and Descriptions

Mohawk Sports Park
New and existing asphalt pathways were installed at Mohawk Sports Park late in 2018 to incorporate more accessible design within the running track area.

Inch Park
Existing asphalt and base material was removed and replaced in the north end of Inch Park in 2019. This work was a continuation of the asphalt replacement that took place in 2018 in the south end of Inch Park.

Millgrove Community Park
Millgrove Community Park once featured a very tired and failing basketball court which was seldom used. This existing basketball court has now been removed and replaced with all new base material and asphalt paving, along with some other site works surrounding. This project has cleaned up the area tremendously and has improved the park overall.

Victoria Park
Within 2019, the City hired fencing services to remove and replace chain link fencing surrounding the popular baseball and basketball courts within Victoria Park. As part of the fence work, asphalt patches and add-ons were required to accommodate the new basketball-turned-multi-use court.

James St Stairs
The escarpment stairs leading from the upper Claremont Access to James St South are a popular walking route for residents who commute daily to work, as well as for daily exercise. In 2019, the City removed and replaced the failing asphalt pathways and replaced with new, including new base material.

Lisgar Park / Lisgar Elementary School
Listed as another site with failing asphalt, Lisgar Park was a site slated for some pathway replacements in 2019. A small portion of paving was replaced leading from Lisgar Park into Lisgar Elementary School.

Confederation Beach Park
Confederation Beach Park features a long stretch of asphalt pathways. This year, small portions of these pathways were re-paved, as they were showing signs of failure and crumbing.

Block 87 Park
Block 87 Park had its playground re-developed in 2018. As part of this work, brand new asphalt pathways were installed along the south end of the park in 2019. This walking path creates access to adjacent sidewalks, a more comfortable standing location in front of the mailbox and allows proper access to the bridge structure that crosses the creek nearby.

Templemead Park
Listed as a park in need of asphalt repairs, Templemead Park received a makeover with the removal of existing pathways and installation of new.

Shamrock Park
Shamrock Park received all new asphalt pathways in 2019, which included the re-paving of the basketball court area. Also included within this project was the addition of concrete bench pads, which provides a comfortable place for visitors to sit and enjoy the scenery.

2019 Asphalt Pathway Improvements

Project Status

  • Mohawk Sports Park – Complete
  • Inch Park – Complete
  • Millgrove Community Park – Complete (Future Developments Pending)
  • Victoria Park – Complete
  • James St Stairs – Complete
  • Lisgar Park – Complete
  • Confederation Beach Park – Complete
  • Block 87 Park – Complete
  • Templemead Park – Complete
  • Shamrock Park – Complete

Investing in Canada
This project is jointly funded with Infrastructure Canada

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