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Ancaster Community Park - Melissa Tancredi Field


Robert E. Wade Ancaster Community Park is a community park located on Jerseyville Road in Ancaster (Ward 12). The park consists of sports fields, a children’s playground, an arena, and a community centre.  Melissa Tancredi Soccer Field is located on the east side of the park, north of the existing gravel parking lot. The field will undergo upgrades to allow for a more formalized layout to enhance both the player and spectator experience. 

The proposed design includes upgrades to the existing lit soccer field and its immediate surroundings. They include:

  • Shift play surface eastward to ensure sufficient safety setback zones around the perimeter of the field lines;
  • Provide flat perimeter safety zones to 5m width in all directions;
  • Install perimeter  chain link fence and access gates;
  • Shift the light standards on the east side of the field to accommodate safety zone setbacks and fence location;
  • Enlarge space for spectator bleachers on the west side of the field, closest to the pathway;
  • Update irrigation as required; and
  • Plant / relocate trees.


Spring 2019:

  • Programming and preliminary design

Summer 2019:

  • Detailed design and permit approval process


This project is jointly funded with Infrastructure Canada

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