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Churchill Park

Construction Update

Construction on the Phase 2 Redevelopments project will begin on or before June 20, 2022 and will be completed in November 2022, weather depending.

During construction, soccer fields will remain open for regularly scheduled games, with specific points of access to be provided. View the Park and Trail Access Plan (PDF,  1 MB), which shows access points and trail detours. Most of the north end (upper tier) of the park will be closed to pedestrian traffic. Access to Churchill Park from the Princess Point and Ginger Valley trailheads in the north end of the park will be closed during construction, but the trails will continue along the forest edge.

Construction notices have been delivered to residences and businesses (PDF, 44 KB) next to areas of the park that will be under construction.

Churchill Park is located at 199 Glen Road, in Ward 1. It is a developed park operated by the City of Hamilton on land owned by the Royal Botanical Gardens. The park is surrounded by a natural woodlot, ravine lands and Cootes Paradise.

These lands are included within the Niagara Escarpment Plan and designated as part of the Niagara Escarpment Parks and Open Space System (NEPOSS).


Churchill Park includes two pieces of property covering 19.12 hectares (47.24 acres). The athletic fields cover 14.56 hectares (35.98 acres). The other parcel is the former Royal Botanical Gardens Teaching Gardens which cover 4.56 hectares (11.27 acres) in size. 

The athletic field parcel currently contains:

  • a former lawn bowling facility and clubhouse
  • three baseball fields
  • three soccer pitches
  • a cricket pitch
  • field house
  • spray pad
  • playground area



  • Summer/Fall 2022 - Phase 2 construction
  • December 2021 - Project tendered
  • September 2021 - Niagara Escarpment Development Permit Approved
  • March 2021 - Niagara Escarpment Development Permit Application Submitted
  • June 25, 2020 - Online Phase 2 Public Information Centre
  • Spring 2020 - Phase 2 conceptual design prepared
  • Summer/Fall 2019 - Archaeology and geotechnical studies completed for phase 2 work
  • Fall 2019 - naturalization of one soccer field in southwest portion of the upper plateau
  • September 2019 - Phase 1 completed
  • Early June 2018 - Phase 1 tendered
  • February 2018 - Churchill Park Management Plan approved by the Niagara Escarpment Commission and the Ministry of Natural Resources
  • September 21, 2014 - Churchill Park Management Plan approved by the Royal Botanical Gardens Board 
  • June 25, 2014 - Churchill Park Management Plan approved by Council


Implementation of the Churchill Park Master Plan (PDF, 3 MB) will occur over a period of years and in several phases and sub-phases. The schedule is dependent upon approval of capital funding through the regular City capital budget process.  Phase 1 was completed on September 20, 2019. Public consultation will occur in 2019-2020 to review Phase 2 scope. Phase 2 design work began in early 2020. 

Phase 2 Scope:

As part of the phase 2 work, the City has created a concept plan (PDF, 2 MB) that was based off the approved Churchill Park Master Plan. The proposed concept plan has been refined based on pedestrian circulation, geotechnical, grading and water infiltration studies that were performed in late 2019 and early 2020.

  • Install 1.5 and 2.5m wide limestone screening walkways on the upper plateau (soccer field area), connecting to phase 1 walkways. This will create a network of loop walkways and will improve accessibility through the park.
  • Re-grade the existing Cricket pitch and convert to a multi-use open space.
  • Install a network of grassed swales and small-scale rain gardens around the new multi-use open space and west of the 2 mini soccer fields.
  • Shifting 2 mini soccer pitches east to permit small rain garden installation and improve sports field drainage.
  • Formal connections to Royal Botanical Gardens trail heads (Ginger Valley Trail and Princess Point Trail).
  • Installation of stone seating nodes at Franklin Ave. and Norwood Road walkway intersections.

Phase 1 included:

  • Re-grading the turf area and the construction of rain gardens for storm water management in the park and along Parkside Drive
  • Creating a granular pathway from Devon Place to Marion Avenue.  This pathway will extend northerly to the driveway off of Oak Knoll Drive. 
  • Installation of a trail connecting the Aviary parking lot to the RBG trail head
  • Planting new native trees to enhance the forest edge and to provide shade in the future. The Royal Botanical Gardens is undertaking this work.

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