Confederation Beach Park

Confederation Beach Park is located at 680 Van Wagners Beach Road, next to the Hamilton Harbour industrial area. The 93 hectare (228 acre) linear waterfront park is located on Lake Ontario between the Queen Elizabeth Way and Lake Ontario. The City of Hamilton owns Confederation Park.  The Hamilton Conservation Authority manages the park through a management agreement.


Since opening in the early 1960s, Confederation Beach Park has become an important recreation and tourism destination in Hamilton. The 8 km Hamilton Beach Trail is part of the provincial Lake Ontario Waterfront Trail system extending from Niagara-on-the-Lake to Quebec. The Park's proximity to the QEW and the large population in the Golden Horseshoe give it potential for tourism and increased use. The park has quality recreational and dining facilities including:

  • Wild Waterworks
  • Barangas on the Beach
  • Lakeland Centre and Pool
  • Adventure Village
  • Hutch’s on the Beach
  • ​Sandbox Sports (volleyball)
  • The Lakeview (wedding facility)
  • Beaches Grill and Patio
  • Lakeland Kartway


  • March 2017: Construction of three new secondary gateway markers
  • January 2017: Phase 1 wayfinding and signage program complete (vehicular wayfinding, pedestrian wayfinding along the Beach Trail, zone markers, and regulatory signs)
  • January 2016: Council approved name change to "Confederation Beach Park"
  • June 2015: Design concepts for gateways, branding and wayfinding completed based on stakeholder consultation including: Hamilton Conservation Authority staff, Ward 5 and 10 Councillors, Business partners and tenants, user groups and city staff 

Stoney Creek Pond Trail

Start date: February 2015
Completion date: August 2015

  • Tree removals to allow for an extension of the Waterfront Trail. Tree removals to be completed in February so they do not interfere with the migratory bird period.
  • Construction of trails and observation deck.
  • Opening roadway access from North Service Road

Gateway features

Start date: June 2014

  • Design gateway features to be located at four key entrances to the park.
  • Primary gateway will be off Centennial Parkway.
  • We have developed design concepts based on the Master Plan and stakeholder consultation.

Next steps:

  • tender
  • construction installation

Branding and wayfinding

Start date: December 2014

  • We have completed branding for identification and wayfinding in conjunction with the design of the gateway features.

Next steps:

  • detailed design
  • tender
  • construction installation

Sports complex

  • The Sports Complex will be located in the former camp grounds.

Next steps:

  • Develop Terms of Reference to hire a consulting team to create a functional design.


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