Confederation Beach Park

Confederation Beach Park is a beautiful 93-hectare (228-acre) city-wide park, located along the Lake Ontario waterfront between the Hamilton Beach Strip and Grays Road in Stoney Creek. The park offers a variety of all-ages recreation and relaxation opportunities, numerous dining and entertainment options, and several naturalized areas. The City of Hamilton owns the park, while the Hamilton Conservation Authority (HCA) manages the property through an agreement that has been in place since 1980. The HCA is a key partner in the current and ongoing park operations.


Since opening in the early 1960s, Confederation Beach Park (then called Confederation Park) has been an important recreation and tourism destination in Hamilton and surrounding area. Unfortunately, certain elements of the park are now in need of repair or replacement.

In 2011, the HCA submitted the Confederation Park Master Plan Review & Update (August 2010) to the City, requesting a capital program to fund necessary upgrades, life-cycle replacements, and new park features. To address these requests, the City is now working to prioritize and implement short and long-term goals as part of the Confederation Beach Park Implementation strategy, as outlined in Report PW11005d. One of the short-term goals is to construct a Sports Park in the former campground near Grays Road. This sports park, to be built in phases, will eventually be home to a:

  • Class A cricket pitch
  • multi-use soccer field
  • 12 regulation pickleball courts
  • nature-themed play area
  • new field house with concessions
  • cricket batting cages
  • new parking

Other goals include reviewing options for Wild Waterworks, and improving general trail conditions and connectivity within the park.

Visiting the park

Confederation Beach Park is accessible by HSR, bicycle, car, or on foot. The 8 km multi-use Hamilton Beach Trail that runs through the park is part of the provincial Waterfront Trail, which extends from Niagara-on-the-Lake to Quebec. The Hamilton Beach Trail also connects to the Red Hill Valley Trail system (via the QEW Pedestrian Bridge), and other municipal, regional, and provincial trail routes beyond. A SoBi bicycle station is also conveniently located near Hutch’s on the Beach. The Park's proximity to and visibility from the QEW, combined with the large population in the Golden Horseshoe, provides added potential for tourism and increased park use.

The park has quality recreational options including:

  • Sandbox Sports (Beach Volleyball)
  • Lakeland Centre and Pool
  • Lakeland Kartway
  • Outdoor Ball Hockey League

Dining options at the park include:

  • Barangas on the Beach
  • Hutch’s on the Beach
  • The Lakeview (wedding facility)
  • Picnic areas and pavilions


  • 2015: Construction of Stoney Creek Pond Trail and Observation Deck
  • 2016: Council approved name change to Confederation Beach Park
  • 2017: Construction of three new secondary gateway markers
  • 2017: Phase 1 wayfinding and signage program complete (vehicular wayfinding, pedestrian wayfinding along the Beach Trail, zone markers, and regulatory signs)
  • 2018: Preliminary planning underway to develop a strategy for the future replacement, growth and possible changes for Wild Waterworks

2017 Confederation Beach Sports Park Master Plan Rendering
2017 Confederation Beach Sports Park Master Plan Rendering

The sports park will be located in the former campgrounds.

  • 2017: General site demolition and removals
  • 2018: Detailed design for phase one sports park to include:
    • Full cricket pitch
    • Multi-use soccer pitch
    • 12 pickle ball courts
    • Gravel parking lot
  • 2018: Tender for phase one construction

Next steps (subject to change):

  • 2018: Design and Tender for roadway amendments for Sports Park access on North Service Road;
  • 2018: Re-installation of the Gateway Windmills that were removed this year;
  • 2019: Construction of sports fields and courts,  North Service Road amendments, renovation of former gatehouse building into washrooms;
  • 2020: Construction of new fieldhouse, entry plaza, cricket batting cages, Parks maintenance Building, Naturalized Playground, paved parking lot, internal pathways, pending funding approval.


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