Oaklands Park Spray Pad

Oaklands Park (also known as Riverdale East Park) is a 9.1-acre (3.7-hectare) park situated at 135 Vittorito Avenue in Ward 5 at the northeast corner of Virrorito Ave. and Prins Ave.

A spray pad is being proposed on the southwest corner of the existing play structure, between the existing asphalt pathway and the existing stand of trees.

Aerial photograph of Oaklands Park


In October 2015, the City’s Landscape Architectural Services Section worked with grades 4, 5, and 6 students from St. Agnes Catholic Elementary School to determine the design of a new spray pad.

A special thanks goes out to Councillor Chad Collins, Principal Vito Picheca and the staff and students of St. Agnes for helping facilitate the concept development process.

The Spray Pad design includes:

  • Re-grading a portion of the lawn area where the new spray pad will be located
  • Adding an asphalt walkway connection to the sidewalk on Vittorito Avenue, on the southeast side of the existing play structure
  • Installation of additional park benches next to the spray pad
  • Installation of a hydro meter, control chamber and drainage for the new spray pad
  • Installation of a beach themed spray pad (see the concept plan)
  • Coloured concrete which will resemble sand, the foamy surf, and the blue water (respectively) will make the spray pad appear as if there is a beach in the park
  • Various ground sprays, a vertical whale tail, a jet that appears as a whale blow hole and a frog-like feature


  • Summer 2015 - the site underwent a stage 1 and 2 archaeological assessment by Timmins Martelle Heritage Consultants Inc.
  • September 2015 - the final report was received and concluded the site was not of archaeological concern.
  • September 2015 - the subject area underwent a site survey to determine the location of existing site. The purpose of the site survey allows park designers to accurately determine where site elements should be placed.
  • October 2015 - the City conducted an initial spray pad design charrette where students voted on different components, spray pad shape and themes for the spray pad. 
  • January 2016 - after two concept plans were prepared by the City’s consultant: IBI Group Inc. based on the students’ voting preferences, the preferred ‘Beach’ themed concept plan was selected
  • Late 2016 - Detailed drawings will be created and tendered
  • Early 2017 - Construction is due to start


Oaklands Park Spray Pad Concept Plan (PDF, 1 MB)

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