Toxic blue-green algae has been confirmed at Pier 4 Beach in Hamilton Harbour.  Do not come into contact with the water. City of Hamilton conducting clean up along parts of the Hamilton Harbour shoreline.

Improving our Parks

Play Your Way

Illustration og children playing on a play structurePlaygrounds are one of the most beloved and enjoyed aspects of a park for many members of the community. They provide a safe learning environment for children of all ages to develop physical, social, cognitive, and emotional skills and are a wonderful way to encourage outdoor play time. Accessible outdoor play spaces provide an inclusive environment and allow for barrier-free development of friendships, creativity, and most importantly, having fun!

Every year, the City of Hamilton identifies a select number of parks who have reached their end-of-life and are in need of replacement. The play structure replacement program is a demonstration of the City’s commitment to be the “best place to raise a child and age successfully”, and to ensure we are meeting CSA safety standards, and the Accessibility of Ontarians with Disabilities Act standards as well. The Play Your Way program offers an opportunity for you (and your kids!) to provide feedback and let us know what types of equipment you would like to see in your new playground. With your help, we can work towards building a new inclusive playground that will meet the community’s needs and be enjoyed for years to come.

Play Structure Replacements

Let us know what types of equipment you and your children would like to see in your new playground.

Henry Beatrice Warden Park

Henry & Beatrice Warden Park

Located in Ward 5, Henry and Beatrice Warden Park fronts onto Lake Avenue North at Huckleberry Drive. The park offers a connecting trail to nearby Glenburn Court to the west, and the Lake Avenue Park and Bow Valley Open Space trails to the east, as well as a variety of recreational features to support the needs of the Riverdale West Neighbourhood. Read the Henry & Beatrice Warden Park Survey Summary Report (PDF, 423 KB)

Learn more about the Henry & Beatrice Warden Park project

Dofasco Park

Dofasco Property Park

Dofasco Property Park is a quaint park that offers recreational opportunities for local residents and visitors alike. The playground currently features a stand-alone slide, see-saw, and swing set, which have reached their end-of-life and are scheduled for replacement in 2022. Part of this project funding will include a new drinking fountain with a bottle filler and dog bowl, to be installed in 2021. Read the Dofasco Property Park Survey Summary Report (PDF, 2.5 MB)

Learn more about the Dofasco Property Park project

Hayward Park

Hayward Park

Hayward Park serves the community as a key recreational space.The park offers a modestly sized natural space and features a playground structure, swings, benches, water-drinking fountain and an open play space. Given its location in the well-established Crown Point West Neighbourhood, the park is a great place to connect in the community. Read the Hayward Park Survey Summary Report (PDF, 2.9 MB)

Learn more about the Hayward Park project

Keith Oark

Keith Park

Keith Park is a walkable neighbourhood park, supporting the recreational needs of the Keith Neighbourhood. This corner park offers a welcome local place to rest or play. In this park you can find, seating, pathways, play equipment with rubber surfacing. Part of this project funding will include a new drinking fountain with a bottle filler and dog bowl, to be installed in 2021. Read the Keith Park Survey Summary Report (PDF, 6.6 MB)

Learn more about the Keith Park project

Victoria Park Play Structure

Victoria Park

The existing playground at this park had a life-cycle replacement in 2016, with an additional rope climber added in a new play area in 2018. As part of a Ward 1 Councilor initiative, this survey seeks community feedback for additional play equipment, that will enhance accessible play opportunities within the existing playground footprint. Read the Victoria Park Survey Summary Report (PDF, 3.5 MB)

Construction Update Construction of the additional play equipment to be added to the existing play area is schedule for Q4 of 2021. Exact dates to be determined.

Learn more about the Victoria Park project

Beulah Park Playground

Beulah Park

The existing playground at this park was originally installed in the 1990’s and has now reached its end-of-life. As part of the City’s dedication to maintaining safe and functional play structures, this playground will be replaced 2022, within the existing playground footprint. Read the Beulah Park Survey Summary Report (PDF, 3.1 MB)

Construction Update Construction for the playground replacement to begin November 12, 2021. All other park amenities to remain open for use during the construction of the playground.

Learn more about the Beulah Park project

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