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Illustration og children playing on a play structurePlaygrounds are one of the most beloved and enjoyed aspects of a park for many members of the community. They provide a safe learning environment for children of all ages to develop physical, social, cognitive, and emotional skills and are a wonderful way to encourage outdoor play time. Accessible outdoor play spaces provide an inclusive environment and allow for barrier-free development of friendships, creativity, and most importantly, having fun!

Every year, the City of Hamilton identifies a select number of parks who have reached their end-of-life and are in need of replacement. The play structure replacement program is a demonstration of the City’s commitment to be the “best place to raise a child and age successfully”, and to ensure we are meeting CSA safety standards, and the Accessibility of Ontarians with Disabilities Act standards as well. The Play Your Way program offers an opportunity for you (and your kids!) to provide feedback and let us know what types of equipment you would like to see in your new playground. With your help, we can work towards building a new inclusive playground that will meet the community’s needs and be enjoyed for years to come.

Play Structure Replacements

Let us know what types of equipment you and your children would like to see in your new playground.

Beulah Park Playground

Beulah Park

The existing playground at this park was originally installed in the 1990’s and has now reached its end-of-life. As part of the City’s dedication to maintaining safe and functional play structures, this playground will be replaced 2022, within the existing playground footprint.

Pubic Engagement opportunity coming March 1, 2021!

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