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Waterford Park

Waterford Park is an existing 1.6ha neighbourhood park located at 10 Waterford Crescent in Ward 10. The park is bounded by townhomes, the North Service Road and the Newport Yacht Club. The park was selected for redevelopment to preserve the woodlot at Trillium Gardens Park, a site that was supposed to be developed into a neighbourhood park and is located at the corner of North Service Road and Dartmouth Gate.

The Trillium Gardens Park site is dominated by a low-lying woodlot and wetland and is recognized in the Official Plan for its ecological value. These site constraints limit the developable area, the type of park amenities that could be implemented and increase the legislative procedures required to proceed with design and construction. In recognition of site constraints and to balance ecological conservation with the need to service the community with park amenities, Waterford Park was selected for redevelopment due to its proximity to Trillium Gardens and the recognition that the existing amenities are at the end of their lifecycle.  

Waterford Park location map

Waterford Park will be redeveloped with park amenities typical of a neighbourhood park and supplemented with features that are needed in Lower Stoney Creek to better service the residents that would have benefitted from Trillium Gardens.


The existing amenities within the park include:

  • A non-official, unlit baseball field
  • A tennis court with basketball
  • A play structure
  • A swing set
  • A parking lot
  • Asphalt pathways
  • Benches
  • Tree plantings

The following amenities will be removed and replaced or added:

  • Multi-use court (basketball and ball hockey)*
  • Playground structure with a swing set*
  • Tennis court*
  • Sun shelter*
  • Spray pad*
  • Parking lot
  • Asphalt pathways
  • Tree plantings (including removal of dead or diseased trees)

Note: We received votes from residents at the Public Information Session and through an online survey to determine the top three most desired features from the list of items with an asterisk (*).  Based on the results a tennis court will not be included as part of the detailed design.


  • February to March 2019: Concept Development
  • May 2, 2019: Open House Public Information Session
  • May to October 2019: Detailed Design
  • August 2020: Tender, Award and Construction start
  • Fall 2020/Spring 2021: Construction completion


Public Information Session:

Survey Results:

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